How to raise children to respect their parents
  Communication between parents and children is often not easy. Parents often come complaints of child disobedience, and that the child belongs to radiusim his people without any respect. Not…

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Kids! What childhood fears?
  Childhood fears - what is it? How do they work? How to help your child cope with them? Where is the line between an age characteristic and pathological fear,…

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What are the symptoms of attention deficit in children?


The modern pace of life leads to a lack of time. Work, household things, it’s not possible to give more attention to the child. But what are the consequences of this lack of attention?

In this question helped us to understand the expert-psychologist Inga Voitko :

The connection between mother and child has been the subject of close study by psychologists of the psychoanalytic direction, which made a major contribution to the study of infancy (R. Spokes, J. Dunn, J. Bowlby, M. Ellsworth, etc.). The vital importance of this relationship became evident during the second world war, when many children from infant age were separated from their mothers and placed in various orphanages and children’s homes.

Despite normal food and good medical care that was provided in these institutions, children in them would get sick of some strange disease. They lost appetite, cheerfulness, stopped moving, their usual occupation was thumb sucking or manipulation of the genitals. In this case, the child’s view was senselessly staring at one point, and the body swayed rhythmically. Life was slowly fading away, and often these children died before reaching one year.

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Children mirror their parents


About material expectations from marriage, early marriage, life for children and games during Services, says Archpriest Oleg Melnychuk.

As the hierarchy of the classical Patriarchal Church family wife, husband, children, God and love?

— Full-fledged family — that is from a Christian point of view?

Is Patriarchal model: husband, wife, children, over which God.

— What role does love play? This fastening means or way of constructing the hierarchy?

Is this: there is no love, no family. The love between husband and wife, love between children, love between parents and children, love between family and God. If there is no love in the family, there is no God. So it’s not family, it’s just a community of people.

— Children often reproach that parents do not go for them, but love is long gone. Does it make sense to continue such a family for the kids?

— To live for the sake of the children — the question wrong. The family is by definition a husband and a wife and then children. The wife should live with her husband, the husband’s family. Seeing the standard of the Union, the children try and build their relationships as they show mom and dad. The described situation cannot be allowed Continue reading

Formation of independence


Semenyuk L. M. reader in developmental psychology: textbook for students/ed. by D. I. Feldstein: edition 2, revised. – Moscow: Institute of practical psychology, 1996. – 304 p.

The formation of independence

The accumulation of practical experience in the operation and development of cognitive and social orientation form the child-preschooler the desire for independence. Autonomy develops with the age of the child, changing the direction and the nature of the manifestations.

If in the second year of life the child has learned that he can move and act with some items, during the preschool period, he makes another remarkable discovery: he can work amongst children and adults regardless of their desires and requirements, you can choose the toys, the pictures, the story of your picture, you may think as you wish the story to the picture or game.

He can sculpt, build, help others. Its starting to listen other children in games, disputes. Sometimes even adults are subject to his “want” and “do not want”. So who knows what he can do, to build, to tell, to invent!

Parents encourage children to work independently, and later to reason, to evaluate. But those same adults are constantly limit the independence of children. If four-year-old girl whom always encouraged to dress themselves, took the dress that are supposed to only Continue reading

Lessons with children who cannot swim. Games at camp
  Length of sessions — 30 minutes. The task of the lesson . to teach children to dive into the water head first. On the Bank to explain and conduct…

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Tips for parents raising a child with visual impairment
  Once born, the baby gets into the world of bright colors, sounds, odors, movements and tactile impressions. All these feelings become the basis of its development. Hearing is the…