How not to spoil the child
  Desire love your child, to protect him from anxiety, to create a sense of security and the desire to constantly delight – it is the natural expression of the…

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How to raise children to respect their parents
  Communication between parents and children is often not easy. Parents often come complaints of child disobedience, and that the child belongs to radiusim his people without any respect. Not…

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Advice to parents about raising children in school and at home


From the point of view of teachers and psychologists education children — this is one of the most complex psychological, social and pedagogical processes, consisting of a large number of links. On the formation of personality and consciousness of the child is influenced by many factors. Among them, the psychological climate in the family, emotional background, ambient atmosphere, the relationship between parents and many others. It is especially important to mention a personal example. Up to a certain age personal example of parents influence the behavior, habits and values of their children. For anybody not a secret that in children the tendency to imitate has a bright color. Parents often meet with difficulties in parenting related to lack of time and patience, overload at work and transfer some of the negative experiences and emotions on the child. This applies to families with different levels of cultural development and social level. To cause inconvenience to the child and to have a negative impact on the development of his inner world can parents with the highest level of culture and social security, and families Continue reading

The Effect of alcohol on conception: what you need to pay attention


Conception – the process is extremely sensitive to the effects of environmental factors and the condition of the body women and men. The effect of alcohol on conception is manifested at different levels. This first state of the source cells, intended for the formation of the embryo — sperm and egg. The influence is evident in the embryo, only formed after the merger of male and female gametes. It also affects the process of attachment of the embryo to the walls of the uterus. Cell division and laying the bodies in unborn baby is also exposed to green snake.

Preparing to conceive a child

In order to avoid all this, it is necessary to prepare for future pregnancies. You need to change your way of life.

Exercise, proper nutrition, elimination of intake of various heavy drugs, psychotropic substances, including alcohol, coupled with positive effects on the body and all its cells, both the male and the female.

Recommended to start preparing six months before the momentous moment.

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