The Love of a child. Whether we are demonstrating?
  This belief is the very consequence of the desire of parents to see that children achieved good results in everything he undertakes. We all want our children enjoy success…

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Rules of behavior on the Playground: what to do if greedy child
As I wrote in a previous column, we have, finally, come warm days, and this means that the concentration of children on playgrounds has increased dramatically at times. Moved outside…

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What are the symptoms of attention deficit in children?


The modern pace of life leads to a lack of time. Work, household things, it’s not possible to give more attention to the child. But what are the consequences of this lack of attention?

In this question helped us to understand the expert-psychologist Inga Voitko :

The connection between mother and child has been the subject of close study by psychologists of the psychoanalytic direction, which made a major contribution to the study of infancy (R. Spokes, J. Dunn, J. Bowlby, M. Ellsworth, etc.). The vital importance of this relationship became evident during the second world war, when many children from infant age were separated from their mothers and placed in various orphanages and children’s homes.

Despite normal food and good medical care that was provided in these institutions, children in them would get sick of some strange disease. They lost appetite, cheerfulness, stopped moving, their usual occupation was thumb sucking or manipulation of the genitals. In this case, the child’s view was senselessly staring at one point, and the body swayed rhythmically. Life was slowly fading away, and often these children died before reaching one year.

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From a boy to raise a man who doesn’t cry?


Women can often hear the regret that today’s boys lack male parenting, and as a result lack of male parenting men do not manifest themselves in a masculine way. This is a huge however, only are we ready for such education, including whether women themselves to make difficult the norms of male parenting, education like men? Belief “Men don’t cry” – a compulsory part of male parenting. I think this is a good believe that it should be applied with discernment and intelligence.

Itself to cry – is not ashamed and not harmful. Good to cry from joy, to cry at the funeral, where appropriate and customary. But in other situations where children and women can cry, men do not. Men don’t cry, because for them it is usually pointless, and to be boys, we have a strong and reasonable people.

This is not all know, but for men the cry – meaningless. For women it’s different: if the woman mount, and she cried, she usually becomes easier, woman crying helps to cope with emotional pain. While the men have all wrong, their grief and their pain are not crying eases, no.

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What you should know and be able child

Each period in the child’s development is very important and is associated with the knowledge, skills and abilities that need to get the kid to a particular age.

I would like to once again draw the attention of parents that the rules apply to most children, but not all. Indeed, the development of each child individually and depends on many factors. So do not worry if at this time your child can not do: it will take time, and with your help, he learns that necessarily.

So, let’s turn to what should be able to do the child at the age of two.

The area of physical development includes assessment of motor skills. At this age the most important aspect is the coordination and coherence of the movements. The better your child knows his body, meaning he could control it and manage it, the easier it is to learn about the world and learn new, unknown to him earlier activities.

Coordination of movements is determined by the development of large and fine motor skills.

Large motor skills are those movements that are associated with the movement of the body in space (e.g., walking, running). To two years Continue reading