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Natalia Nebarska: the figure is the inner world of the child


Natalia Nebarska teaches art to children and parents to correctly interpret creations kids. At 26 she is a mother of two wonderful daughters 2 and 7 years and head of the creative circle “Color bubbles” for children from 2 years to infinity. Natalia cheerful, ambitious and open. In a confidential conversation she told. why is it important to educate their children themselves, at what age can you trust the child a pencil and how much stereotypes affect the lives of modern parents.

– If you do not go into the psychology of transcripts of children’s drawing, it is best to ask the author, and that happens is that the baby is with mom’s hands are not painted, psychologist thinks is violence in the family, mother is a tyrant, and she’s actually behind them holding the gift, because hiding a surprise. And it is better just to look at — to Decipher the pattern correctly can only be a very experienced technician, and then after a conversation with the author.

– What age do I need to draw with your child?

– The child can draw from the moment he starts to turn over. Lay before him the paper or Wallpaper, give paint. Just remember that here the result is not important, important process! Unfortunately, today’s parents are even trying to draw the child to impose what they want. I was once a master class on Valentine’s Day, to which came the dad with the child. The Pope praised the child, telling how he goes to the art room and draws a lot. Now, Valentine could be created from different materials. And the girl just didn’t know how these materials can be used. From the abundance of the materials she was dumbfounded.

But actually it’s very exciting – assemble color, to combine the materials. Learn how to draw academically can anyone. More important you learn to feel, and then to learn how to draw for real. Children often know ourselves, but my parents forbid them or wrestle with it as I can.

However, in modern children have a tendency, when the child is unable beautifully and coherently tell the story of his figure. They say one word: it’s a cat, a tree. And this is very important. It is clear that the two children can’t tell, but there are 6-7 year old children who are not able to connect the history. And sometimes, talk long and passionately. And we see immediately who need to work. If the child can not tell, parents are to blame. Maybe they once said, that the drawings are ugly, or not what it seems.

And yet it often happens that adults no longer fantasy and inspiration alive in children. One day I came mom with a three year old girl. We painted surround the ball in the Sun. The little girl drew a circle, we’ve been, what colors are brighter, darker. But my mother was unhappy with the result because it wasn’t like the real Sun.

While in University, I enrolled and attended this. I guess if I gave birth to the second year of the baby, then I’d have a red diploma, and it’s blue, but I have a wonderful native person.

– I worked as a social teacher in the territorial center with children and adults with disabilities. We often used to go up there visiting weekly to two week seminars, I’ve been drawing, sculpting, art therapy trainings. And then I worked as a kindergarten teacher. I had to get in the garden to give back his eldest daughter.

– And how was it like working there?

– Child cool, but the adults don’t. I tried to fight stereotypes. For example, taking the children on the carpet, and I was constantly making  “As you sit with the children on the carpet? The teacher must sit on a chair!” And I don’t understand how I can sit on a chair if my children sit on the carpet, I want to be near them. And when me parents wrote positive reviews, experienced educators with a decade of experience was very indignant, as it is, I’m only half a year working and hvalba, and they are 10 years old and only criticism.

Still we had a large group of 30 people. I worked with the younger group. With children conducted a finger-type gymnastics, just gymnastics, art classes, which were also complaints from colleagues, they say, should be taught numeracy and the ABC, not drawing.

– The experience of an educator influenced your teaching methods the education of their children?

– Of course! I’m not going to give the younger daughter in kindergarten at least 4 years. Unfortunately, the eldest in kindergarten went. I then went to University, worked two jobs, had to give. She went to the nursery to year and 10 months. As it turned out, the psyche she’s spoiled. Because the teacher though it and didn’t scream, but in her presence was yelling at the other children, closed them in the toilet – all of this became known later, when we moved in. Therefore, our second baby to kindergarten I will not give up until you have a chance.

– What is your happiest memory from your own childhood?

My memory is drawing. I was 7 or 8 years. My mom and I went to the sanatorium. There I got acquainted with the Belarusian artist Ninel an Emergency. She impressed me with his optimism, the children’s enthusiasm and lots of that same warmth, which sometimes is lacking. There was her house, and we often went to visit. She was very beautiful, creative atmosphere of the Studio. At the cottage she was able to be Gaudi and Salvador Dali at the same time! Her country house was opened for all of us and constantly grew upwards and outwards. So Given once bought a few fishermen’s houses and combined them under one roof. It was a real castle in which he made many transitions. At the dacha of an Emergency right near the fireplace was a small kitchen garden and around the many magical paintings in different techniques and different styles. This artist was unique…

She owned many techniques equally well, perhaps that is why her paintings are so fascinated. And yet she was often visited little granddaughter, with such interest treated everything that was happening around. Watching her was a pleasure: paint, brushes, flowers – all fell into a creative whirlwind of a child’s imagination.