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Children with ADHD: tips for parents


There are three types of this neurological disorder. Most distributed mixed variant: hyperactivity when combined with impaired attention. The most rare case when hyperactivity is manifested in its purest form. These two types of “good” the fact that they’re easy enough to identify. But attention disorders without a specific motor activity parents notice not always, and even when to see a doctor to diagnose this disorders is difficult.

Usually the diagnosis of ADHD during the first call preschoolers do not put, and watching them for a few months, during which time the symptoms should persist. This helps to avoid diagnostic errors.

Parent, pull yourself together!

So, the diagnosis is made. Now facing a long and very important work with the child. And on its success depends the able whether your child become a successful person, a productive member of society. There are many principles, methods and techniques of education “shustrikov”. But before you start implementing them, parents need to understand their own thoughts, feelings and moods. Because children have an intuitive sense of internal insecurity relatives. Therefore, we should start with self-study. For the first time faced with the problem of the child, the parents usually experience a whole range of conflicting emotions: disbelief, disappointment, guilt, a sense of injustice. To cope with your emotions – your first task.

Read all I can about the problem you’re experiencing. Talk to experts. Choose what is most suitable for you and your child. And now to business.

Approach to the child: carrot or stick?

The first step should be to address to the neurologist and child psychiatrist. They will help you get rid of consequences of perinatal pathology, will prescribe a sedative medicine, massage.

From birth with no need to restrain the activity of the baby. Raspisanie him, give him the freedom to move arms and legs.

With two to three years children should be given the opportunity to release energy, but at the same time to accustom them to meaningful physical activities: swimming, dancing, running, playing ball. Tales they can listen on the go.

No need to put the “fast” in the corner, for it is a terrible punishment. Physical impact is also useless: swearing, yelling, and hitting children with ADHD do not act – they will behave even worse.

Holding account “restless Phil”, use simple promotion: candy, stickers, painted the laughing faces, etc. when you set a certain quantity of them – the reward is critical. Reward these children need.

A hyperactive child is not able to foresee the consequences of their actions. But if good things are reinforced by rewards, the child on the conditioned-reflex level learns correct behavior. And he must feel that adult like to play with him on good behavior.

Gradually from material rewards should move to verbal. Children with ADHD badly managed, but the emotion they have not blunted. They are able to understand that we have offended someone, to repent. Appealing to their better nature, using as stimulus affection, they need to accustom them to the behavior that is accepted in society.

Sports medicine

In school-aged hyperactive children need exercise. Useful classes that helps to train the will: karate, Wushu. Team sports like soccer are also good, but for the older child. Elementary school age children with increased excitability, like, a learning team rules.

For 12-13 years motor disinhibition goes away without treatment. However, there is another problem: hyperactive child already has learned to deal with society the way society treated him. His behaviour becomes anti-social: there is a tendency to lying, stealing, running away from home. Will is not formed, so these young men are easy prey for criminal gangs.

This means that adolescents who suffered in childhood ADHD, required greater parental control than their healthy peers. And at the same time, such a child should feel in the family loved.

A “fast”

All of the above – basic principles and methods of working with «Phil Fidget”, but there are also some smaller techniques that provide positive results.

In their relationship with the child stick “positive models”. Underline its success and encourage his efforts, especially where the required concentration, even if the results are far from perfect. This strengthens the child’s confidence in their own abilities and increases his self-esteem.

Try to rarely say “no” and “impossible” – it is better to try to distract the “fast”.

Talk to the child always discreetly, quietly, gently.

Give your child only one job for a certain period of time so that he could complete it.

Don’t read long notations – you just don’t listen to the end.

For reinforcement of oral instructions, use visual stimulation.

Keep the house clear schedule.

Avoid crowds of people. Stay in busy places on the child exerts excessive aphrodisiac effects.

During the games limit child one partner. Avoid hectic, noisy pals.

Protect your child from fatigue, because it leads to lower self-control and increase hyperactivity.

Encourage the child’s strengths. Help him to become a connoisseur and virtuoso in any field (music, chess, etc.) that he is interested and better given.

Any knowledge, skills, and Hobbies will raise his self-esteem and rank in the eyes of other children.

More play with your child through this very close and clear to him much activity you will be able to teach.

Work in constant contact with the teacher.

All of these simple measures will help to correct many of the negative symptoms of excessive activity and lack of attention.

The forecast for the future

Sooner or later, before every parent raises the question about what would happen to a hyperactive child in later life? What profession would suit him?

Active people like the work associated with constant movement. They can be couriers, salesmen, advertising, or insurance agents. Are they being implemented and in the professions, providing them the attention of others: can be actors, dancers, singers. They make excellent travelers: photographers, geologists, archaeologists. or good organizers. If not let them go astray.

P. S. to All parents of hyperactive children I recommend to seek the advice of the chief child psychiatrist of the Penza region Elena Yurevna Kogelman, head of children’s Department goose OPB them. K. R. Tonight.calling the office by phone 32-05-91 from 8.30 to 9.00.

Sergey TARASOV, a psychotherapist,

psychiatrist, candidate of psychological Sciences