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A Woman older than the man, the age difference, the man and woman


Hello everyone! Crazy week I’m having, not a minute free, I have long wanted to write to you something, right here to the blog native way hands do not reach Today, I want to finally finish what I have begun a small series of articles about a man and a woman. Recall that previous article you can find here: “What makes a strong marriage? “, ” Husband and wife one of Satan – truth or fiction? Or psychology of relationships between men and women “. But, first, I would like to share their news

First a couple of days ago something happened the most significant event, which webmasters all over the world look forward to now, 3 months — this is an update of TCI. Of course, I also waited, and waited not in vain! Yandex has honored me and gave me my 10 points of the TIC, which makes me awfully happy

Secondly I attend courses on programming, and recently we conducted a survey. All fail deducted, I have made every effort to continue learning and I got it!

Thirdly, I managed to find another way of earning money on the Internet, which I will describe in my next few posts, stay tuned not to miss!

Well, that’s about all my news, and now we come to our topic: man and woman 🙂

What if the woman is older than the man?

A good age difference?

Love all age are obedient . therefore age difference is not always becomes a barrier for lovers. It’s all in how you look at it. Couples it looks absolutely normal, they found each other, they feel good. Maybe one of them was looking for «» the person much longer than the other, but what can you do, that’s life. The main thing that they met!

On the other hand — a country, society, and all those people, friends and strangers that surround this couple. Probably, these people may not understand and not take their choice, and try to dissuade them and to sow the seed of doubt in the hearts of this couple.

A hostile attitude on the part of some, perhaps even friends, will be a real test of strength for new relationships . You need to be mentally prepared to defend their choice and their likes!

As you know, to the question: « a good age difference? » everyone must answer for himself. Any answer can be correct, depending from which side to approach him and what arguments lead. Personally, my opinion is that the optimal age difference should not exceed 5 years (as a woman can be older and male).

A view from the inside

In General, in a couple in which the woman older men can be divided into several age stages, when the woman is older than man:

Not more than 5 years;

Not more than 10 years;

Not more than 20 years;

More than 20 years;

Each of these age levels has an effect on the relationship of such a pair.

In the first case, the age difference doesn’t matter much. Steam — almost the same age, have common interests, common topics of conversation, and the same level of attraction (if we are talking about a case when feelings are sincere). This difference in age is 100% approved by society .

In the second case the difference is more noticeable, but quite favorable and is still frowned upon by society. Oblique views your mark in such a pair will not notice. In such a marriage the woman stay attractive longer . than her peers «equal» marriage, because it wants to look younger (the age of her husband).

In the third case, the age difference becomes more noticeable, and women becomes more difficult to maintain their appearance at this level to look the husband of one age. Of course, it’s not just in appearance. When one man has lived on 10, 15, 20 years longer than the other, then (ideally) and knowledge, and interests he has so much more, and therefore young, less experienced partner may not be as interesting to talk to. In this situation, those who are older will be a teacher, and if it’s a woman, she may feel affection not only as a woman but as a mother.

The last option, when the woman is older men 20 or more years is advanced to third. With a probability of 90% or more, the woman, with the help of her lover, to realize myself as a mother. Moreover, the maternal instinct in some situations, it may get over the feeling of love and sexual desire. Society to such a difference in age relates negatively. Passionate kiss somewhere in a public place may cause a storm of negative emotions from others, especially the elderly.

In marriages in which the wife is older than her husband . the woman is often the career for which the work comes to the fore, and the family becomes secondary. The implementation of “self concept” as “I — professional” for these women is more important than “I — mother”, so these women, first to build a career, and then (if lucky) — the family.

Features such relationships

The age difference did not affect the psychology of relationships, men and women. As in any family, the marriage is one leader and the other follower. If the husband and wife will be in very close connection, and will be related to each other, as partners, we will be quite normal phenomenon, when they will periodically switch roles.

Regarding the nature of female behavior. a woman is watching him, in order to look younger than your age. She is more active, involved in sports or fitness, develops, reading books and fashion magazines. Otherwise it is difficult to predict, we are all human, all unique. not one size fits all..

In any case, the marriage between a man and a woman will be strong, and only if they both love each other and trust each other.

That’s all, see you soon friends

Thank you for your attention, I hope for Your comments!

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