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Tips psychologist parents of teenagers


What advice psychologist adolescents are most appropriate? In spring, many people feel a lack of energy, strength and desire to do anything. Are no exception and adolescents. Psychologists give certain recommendations, as adolescents to overcome the spring gloom. It seems that spring is no reason to be sad. For autumn Blues are more compelling reasons: the decrease of daylight hours, joyless waiting a long winter, a cold snap. However, what is certain is that spring and felt the unhappiness and apathy.

Depression spring and the Blues are two different things. When the person is experiencing spring Blues – he has decreased tone, but he normally thinks, does not lose interest in communication and doing what. A person starts a little more sleep, work less enthusiastically, may be a bit more irritable. Depression is fundamentally different from the above-mentioned symptoms.


Sensible advice of psychologist adolescents will help to cope with sadness, and enter into the normal rhythm of life. In depression there are three main symptom: slow speech, slow thinking, motor block, melancholy mood. A person who is depressed, it is difficult to communicate, to go to school. Previously the things you already do not bring him pleasure. You can also note the long sleep (up to fourteen hours a day), after which just feel overwhelmed. In the case of depression, you should consult a psychologist, but if defeated the Blues will help some of the recommendations.

The Blues

To start is to stop idling. To fall into the spleen is very easy, but not impossible to. Dark thoughts begin to fully surround and it is difficult to find a way out. To get rid of this destructive condition – take a notebook, pen, and shall describe the plan of action for the coming day. Do it best in the evening – so You save time. How would that help? This will reduce the time worthless passive recreation – get rid of annoying watching soap operas, empty talk on the phone, sitting in social networks. Surprisingly, you’ll find a lot of free time that can be spent with great benefit for themselves. So, we need to divide your day for work and on vacation. For example, you can alternate mental work with physical work. Or Vice versa: vacuumed teenager – let read the book. It is worth noting that the lazy dreamers are more prone to depression than employed people. Melancholy overcomes those who have it. Sometimes for spleen, there are compelling reasons. For example, there has come a new time of year and nothing to wear. Teen – clothes, new cell phones mean a lot. To avoid this problem – he will find a job after school. Thus, he can make some money on the fancy stuff, and on a mobile phone new model. A teenager is not a child, he is quite able to work a few hours after school. It will only benefit.

General tips

To avoid spleen – is fully fed. The diet should include cereals, pasta, meat, vegetables, dairy. Do not overeat and do not eat in a hurry. Completely eliminate harmful snacking.

The teenager should be the time for outdoor activities. It could be roller skating, bike. You can go to the rink and ice skating. Together with friends to go on a Bicycle trip.

The sport is perfectly eliminates dark thoughts. In addition, the teenager can go to the gym and pump up their muscles. This will solidify it in its appeal, which is also important for the self-esteem of a teenager.

Urgent advice of a psychologist for parents of teenagers: the child grew up, but he is also helpless in front of the world. At this age, your teenager can become incredibly irritable, touchy, unmanaged. Keep calm, sensitivity and tact. This time we just need to survive. It is a bridge between childhood and adulthood. Before the age of eighteen a person is going through most of the crises in their lives. Help him to choose the profession.

The advice of psychologist parents

Some tips psychologist parents to avoid errors in the education of adolescents will help to overcome this very difficult period. Sometimes it is necessary to change jobs to spend more time at home. Always ask about the teenager not only, as it is doing in school, but generally more often be interested in his mood, his friends, his girlfriend. Surprisingly, many parents believe that if a child is fed, clothed, shod, he does not need anything else. This is not so. There is a soul, there is throwing, finding yourself in this life. A great way to bring home new books – they will help the child to find the answers to his questions. If a girl buys magazines – maintain is her desire. Perhaps that is where she will find her own answers. It’s better than to seek advice on the street have girlfriends, who know nothing about life.

Mothers should be careful to son or to daughter. Ask: how they spend their free time? Very effective advice would be to ask your son or daughter to bring friends home. Tell me, just what I wish to know them. Believe me, it will give to your teenager that You care who he sees there and how spends the time while You are at work. It is important to keep contact with the school – at this time, some adolescents begin to skip school, and parents will learn about the latest. Absenteeism can be permanent and even for several months. In the case of prolonged absences, you can even stay for a second year or to completely change your life – have instead of the tenth grade to go to study in College.

Naturally, there are problems and assistance to parents of teenagers can be formulated in a few words:



the delicacy.

Tell your child, how would he have been years that You will always help him, listen, You are always on his side. Teens are on the street looking for credibility, for their own recognition. But, if the parents are close to Teens – such campaigns to the street to doubtful friends will be virtually eliminated. Excessive work loads alienates parents from adolescents, and adolescents from their parents. May be, it is not necessary to ply the new clothes, furniture and so on, and just in time to pay attention to your child, find out what makes him tick, what interests? Ask him to bring home his girlfriend. Get to know her. If You do not very much – not worth it to speak your categorical refusal. Just tell him You need more time to learn, but if you’re with her – so she’s an interesting girl.

In adolescence they go outside, get into criminal gangs because of their naivety, lack of parental attention and warmth. Sometimes they even have no time to talk to parents who come home very late, and with plenty of their own problems.

You can change jobs. Let it be less earnings, but in this important period of life to Your teenager, You will be next, and it is much more important.

Always be on the side of Your child, both in childhood and in adolescence. It was vital to him.

Tips psychologist parents of teenagers
  What advice psychologist adolescents are most appropriate? In spring, many people feel a lack of energy, strength and desire to do anything. Are no exception and adolescents. Psychologists give…

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