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The Effect of alcohol on conception: what you need to pay attention


Conception – the process is extremely sensitive to the effects of environmental factors and the condition of the body women and men. The effect of alcohol on conception is manifested at different levels. This first state of the source cells, intended for the formation of the embryo — sperm and egg. The influence is evident in the embryo, only formed after the merger of male and female gametes. It also affects the process of attachment of the embryo to the walls of the uterus. Cell division and laying the bodies in unborn baby is also exposed to green snake.

Preparing to conceive a child

In order to avoid all this, it is necessary to prepare for future pregnancies. You need to change your way of life.

Exercise, proper nutrition, elimination of intake of various heavy drugs, psychotropic substances, including alcohol, coupled with positive effects on the body and all its cells, both the male and the female.

Recommended to start preparing six months before the momentous moment.

Alcohol should not be consumed in the period. But no worries, if earlier, on holidays people were drinking alcohol. This does not mean that you cannot have a baby. Only the frequency and quantity of alcoholic beverages over a lifetime would be an indication that genes in eggs or sperm there are violations, that is affected by the cumulative effect.

Sperm and alcohol

Does the alcohol on the conception of man’s hand? We should not delude ourselves men when they say that sperm is updated every 3 months. This does not mean that you can indulge in alcohol during his adult life, and then 3 months of no drinking, and everything with the baby will be fine.

The cumulative effect of alcohol is that it impairs the mobility of male cells. In healthy men only three-quarters of the sperm have no deviations.

They have enough mobility to outrun that one quarter of germ cells with abnormalities and deviations in the genetic code. But alcohol significantly reduces the mobility, resulting in the chance of patients sperm get to the egg increases.

The result of conception under the influence of liquor

Increases the number of embryos with abnormal genetic material. This leads to improper cell division and laying the bodies, the formation of defects and mediasuite future baby. This also increases the chance of spontaneous miscarriage in women.

Ovules and alcohol

If the woman drinking alcohol frequently and in large quantities, the effect of alcohol on the conception of a child will not keep itself waiting long. Every woman has the non-updatable set of germ cells with which it is born and every month loses one with menstruation.

Of chromosome damage caused by the use of alcohol accumulate in the eggs, do not disappear and are not treated. With these defective oocytes a woman walks until such time as they will be spued with menstruation or until fertilization.

The result of conception under the influence of liquor at the woman

But if fertilization occurred, the damaged genetic material does not provide all the conditions necessary for the full development and growth of the child in the womb. This egg is barely attached to the lining of the uterus, increasing the probability of its spontaneous miscarriage. The woman will pay attention only to the delay of menstruation, and that fertilization occurred do not even guess.

If this egg was attached, it begins cell division, the growth of the embryo, laying the formation of tissues and organs. Information in the chromosomes of these bodies has a defect caused by alcohol use, so these organs will be abnormal or retarded. As well as information about normal growth and development of formed bodies violated, which consequently affects these processes. In the end, if there was no abortion, the born child can be either dead, or have malformations of various organs, immature, both physically and mentally.

The process of conception

Another important factor is the condition of men and women at the moment of conception. Conception under the alcohol of both parents doubles the harm to the embryo. Alcohol exerts a direct influence on the spermatozoa immediately after receipt into the blood, after a few minutes after the beginning of its adoption. Seminal fluid properties change, it becomes more viscous, which makes the promotion of sperm in the genital tract of the woman. And themselves the sperm become inactive. Increasing the opportunity for male patients cells to reach the egg and fertilize it.

Unlike men, drunk women has a device that protects a women’s cell from the influence of alcohol. It reserves the oocyte, which enable it regardless of the woman’s body to exist and maintain the cells of the embryo.

But this lasts only 14 days. After that it should be introduced into the uterine wall. Otherwise there’s a miscarriage.

After drinking both parents are doubled all possible damage to the embryo, the chances of miscarriage or stillbirth. So it is important to exclude the influence of alcohol at the time of conception.

The effect of alcohol on the fetus

Alcohol causes spasm of blood vessels of the placenta, which reduces the amount of oxygen delivered to the organs of the fetus. This is their full development. Particularly sensitive to hypoxia, the brain of the child.

The stunted growth of the fetus, is also a tribute to alcohol. It reduces the healthy resources of fetal cells for proper growth. This leads to the fact that the baby will be physically underdeveloped.

To mental and physical underdevelopment of the child be added and all the evils that have arisen in the early stages of formation of the child. In the end, the answer is the alcohol in the lives of the parents holding the baby. Hence the importance of an informed approach to planning child, including the concept of how alcohol affects conception.

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