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How to help dad bond with a baby

Somehow in one of the channels has told a shocking fact: the average dad working 12 hours a day, pays to communicate with your child 4 minutes per day. Apparently our fathers feel that they are only required material support of the family, and the care and education fall on the shoulders of mothers.

The lack of male parenting affects child development . The boys don’t see in their lives the example to follow, no one teaches man’s duties, they can grow limp or fall into bad company. Girls who grow up without a father, do not know how to build a normal relationship between a man and a woman, they can connect their life with the first guy because in childhood they lacked male affection, attention, a sense of security.

It is therefore important to establish the relationship between father and child. Because man, unlike women, are much more difficult to feel your paternal instinct. Man is by nature trapped and bound in their emotions, so the mother must help her husband to establish contact with the baby.

You have to start during pregnancy . tell the future Pope that you feel use his hand to his stomach, let him feel the baby kicking. Take your husband with you for a routine ultrasound. When he would see the child, hear beating little heart, you will realize that life is something incredible and magical. Usually after the ultrasound young dad started talking to her tummy, stroking it. Scientists have already proven, that being in the womb, children hear the intonation and voice, so when a young first time dad takes the child in his arms and said to him, the kid is already native person feels and behaves quietly.

The first meeting of the Pope and the newborn is still in the hospital . Just don’t force the husband to joint childbirth, there are men who are afraid of this, and then his presence during childbirth not bring anything good. If the husband himself wishes to see the birth of a child, then of course his support at a time like this will help you and will further unite your family.

When a young first time father takes the baby in his hands, will support him morally . no need to criticize: not so taken, not looked, then said, give dad the opportunity to enjoy and experience the first contact with the child. Home let dad and the newborn lie down beside him on the bed, I can put the baby in his father’s stomach, the touch of skin to skin will awaken in man the first fatherly feelings, and the baby will ease colic .

The first few days after the hospital my mom sure is hard . it adapts to the mode of feedings, learning to care for a child, but she doesn’t have to lash out at dad with demands and accusations . “Why don’t you helping me? I’m torn to pieces, and you’re not doing anything!” Understand that dad is too hard, he still knows less than you about the care of children, give clear and specific instructions, then he will be able to help you. Do not criticize the first attempts of the husband to care for the baby, on the contrary praise and encourage all impulses to do something: to change a diaper. to buy, dress the baby, feed him from a bottle or bring the baby to the mother for feeding. Speaking of diapers! Do not ask the Pope to change them, some men are very hard to cope with disgust, if you see him this unpleasant procedure, better charge something else. Introduce your husband to co-bathing baby, may he be present during the feedings, ask him to buy a toy or some clothes for the baby.

Remember that fathers do not become immediately at birth . this occurs somewhat later, the man is hard to realize that this shocking and always crying lump of his son or daughter. In their dreams about the baby dads usually are, as they will play with the baby in a football or fly a kite, not to change his diaper. As soon as the man will feel a return contact from the child, see him smile, hear “ASU” at the meeting, then it will become more interesting with the baby, and it will be attached to him with each passing day more and more. Often dads are just too shy to show his sentimental people, sometimes leave it alone with the baby and maybe when you return you will see a fascinating picture: father and newborn . talking heart to heart or peacefully sleeping side by side.

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