Rules of behavior on the Playground: what to do if greedy child
As I wrote in a previous column, we have, finally, come warm days, and this means that the concentration of children on playgrounds has increased dramatically at times. Moved outside…

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Methods of raising children
Parenting is one of the key parental tasks, which, as a complex mathematical equation may have many solutions. Ways and means of solving this very difficult and responsible tasks are…

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Our software and technology

In this section, you can download and get acquainted with our programs and technologies:

Sensorimotor development in the classroom for EVERY

Zdoroveformirujushchej physical development

The development of creative thinking, the formation of graphical skills before mastering writing (Fine motor skills)

Psychomotor development by means of expressive movements

Corrective exercises and physical therapy

Language development, literacy

The formation of phonemic hearing in children of preschool age. Overcoming phonetic, phonemic underdevelopment of speech.

The development of speech hearing in children of preschool age

The development of monologue speech in the preparation of narrative descriptions

Organization of work on early teaching children a foreign language in the conditions of kindergarten

“Theatre arts-children”

The development of fine motor skills in children of preschool age

The economic program

Choreographer at DOE

All software and technology used in kindergarten:

Focused on the development of the child’s personality;

Justify the desire of parents to see their children intellectually, creatively developed, able to learn independently;

Suggest to the children the ways of action, as the instructions of cognition of the surrounding world.

The educational process in kindergarten since 1996 based on the implementation of the comprehensive program “Childhood” V. I. Loginova, T. I. Babayeva, N. And.Nadinoy, etc. This program enriched the development of children of preschool age, for a single process of socialization and individualization of the person through the child’s awareness of all the needs, opportunities and abilities.

The program “Childhood” provides:

The development for the development of curiosity, cognitive abilities, interests, individual aptitude of the child;

Formation of system of knowledge about man-made objects in the world, about nature, about seas, about himself;

Conditions for the formation of social, intellectual, physical and spiritual competence of the child.

The main program used in the early age group, is “Scarce”

This program provides development in children inclinations of curiosity, independence, activity, initiative. Without these qualities it is impossible to develop creative abilities of the child, the development of his personality. Creativity is one of the core qualities of the person, as the main leading idea, is considered in unity and relationship with General physical and technical development of the child that is limited in objectives, content and methodology recommendations of this program.

As an expanding component to kindergarten special programmes are implemented:

“Security Essentials preschool children” O. L. Knyazeva, T. B. Sterking;

“Musical masterpieces” P. O. Radinovo;

“Theatre arts-children” N. F.Sorokina, L. G. Milanovic;

Children are introduced to the origins of Russian national culture O. L. Knyazeva, M. D. Mahanoy;

“We,” N. N. Kondratieva.

The program “bases of safety of children of preschool age” includes the system of developmental learning for children of preschool age, which ensures transfer to students of economic culture, values a healthy lifestyle, teaches children the dangers of dealing with dangerous products, safe behavior on the street.

“Musical masterpieces” P. O. Radinovo.

The aim of this programme is laying the foundations of musical culture of children of preschool age. The core of the musical culture of the preschool child is his musical aesthetic consciousness as a result of development which the child has formed an initial value orientation – ability to appreciate the beauty in life and art. Creative music perception of children contributes to their overall intellectual and emotional development.

“Theatre arts-children” N. F.Sorokina, L. G. Milanovic.

The program provides for the development of creative abilities of children by means of theatrical art; the development of creative independence in the creation of the artistic image, using games, song, dance improvisation, improvisation children’s musical instruments; improvement of the Dialogic and monologic forms of speech; a culture of verbal communication. The program is used as an extender component of the program “Childhood” in theatrical activity.

“Children are introduced to the origins of Russian national culture” O. L. Knyazeva, M. D. Mahadeva

This program defines the guidelines in the moral and Patriotic education of children based on their introduction to the origins of Russian national culture. The educational aim of the programme is to accustom children to all forms of art – from architecture to painting, from dances, stories and music to theatre. The content of the program meets state educational standards in the direction of development in preschoolers concepts of man in history and culture.

“We,” N. N. Kondratieva

The basis of this programme of ecological education of preschool children based on the idea of humanization, education of the person with a developed system of value orientations. The content of the programme contributes to the development of child’s personality in General, environmental awareness, environmental behavior in nature, the right relationship to it.

The content of the activities carried out on the basis of the following educational technologies recommended by the program “Childhood”:

Smolentseva, A. A., “Mathematics to school”;

Wenger, L. A. Diachenko O. M. “Games and exercises for the development of mental abilities of children of preschool age”;

Kazakova T. S. “Develop children’s creativity”;

Smolentseva, A. A. Suvorova O. V. “Mathematics in problem situations for young children”;

Novoselova, S. L. “a Comprehensive guide to forming games preschoolers”;

Ushakova O. S. “language Development in kindergarten”;

Grigorieva, G. G. “Gaming techniques in teaching preschoolers fine activity”;

Zaitsev G. N. “Growing healthy” (course “Lessons Moidodyr”);

The introduction of technology Smolentseva, A. A., “introduction to the world economy” has contributed to the enrichment of different types of children’s activities (math, art, labor, etc.) economic content.

The introduction of health-saving technologies “Development of a six year old child’s social confidence” E. V. prima, “Valeological program of physical education of preschool children” I. K. Shilkova, “Health-correctional work with children in preparation for school” F. I. Molostova, “Sensory-motor development of preschool children fine art” weinerman S. M. “the Development of creative thinking and graphic skills in children 5-7 years” Kwacha N. In.

Software additional education:

Learning a foreign language (English).

In this paper we use the program for early education of children to a foreign language “Teaching children English” Negnevitsky E. I. technique “English children” Petrivna O. V. němcová O. A..

The program of early learning for preschool English language is based on the principles of communicative language teaching foreign language culture. Older preschoolers to digest a certain amount of knowledge of the social, linguistic and regional educational and psychological content as well as positive cognitive motivation.

Dance and rhythmic activities. “Sa-Fi-Dance” – recreational and developmental program for dance games gymnastics. The use of this program allows you to organize dance and rhythmic gymnastics (ignoramii, agrigenetics, igretec), non-traditional types of exercises (grapestake, finger exercises, music and outdoor games, etc. creative gymnastics (musical and creative play, special assignments). The main purpose of this work is to enhance the holistic development of the personality of the preschool child means dance and game activities.

The use of these programs and technologies allows MDOU implement and exceed the requirements of state standards on all types of children’s activities and areas of knowledge, taking into account the individual capabilities of each child.

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