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The First thing the child reacts, it is the experience


Modern children learn to type on the computer earlier than to draw or write on paper. Then they gradually learn about other gadgets: tablets, phones and smartphones are replacing traditional Board games, soft toys and dolls.

What electronic toys will help to develop the intellectual and creative abilities of the child how to make their child’s interest in technical innovations not turned to addiction?

To find the answers to these questions helped Sergey Sonin, shop assistant store DNS in the shopping center «Time” .

– Sergey, in the digital age children from an early age learn about all kinds of technical innovations. Which gadget is better to choose for your child?

– The first thing that the child responds to, is experience. It is clear that they occur from something bright that can cause positive emotions. The simplest thing can trigger vivid memories and emotions of the child, provide him with a fascinating pastime, is tablet. Besides this e “toy” contributes to the development of visual and auditory perception of the child.

It’s no secret that to any tablet there are no instructions. This is no accident: the sensory system is not amenable to training, she is friendly and intuitive initially. So the tablet is quite affordable in terms of development of the child, in contrast to the more complex technical devices.

Tablets for kids are usually bright colors, fun elements and a rubberized case that prevents damage in case of a fall. Although, in principle, with careful handling, they will approach a normal tablet enjoyed by adults.

However, the main thing in the tablet not the appearance, functionality and content, which depends on the choice of software. If parents care about the intellectual development of your child, they are pumped to the tablet game, associated with logical computing tasks on the development of memory, attention, thinking of the child. Fortunately, the choice of such programs is very wide.

Children, which use the “lame” Russian language, can be downloaded to a tablet app called “the Spelling of the Russian language”. Its essence is that before the child the task is to select from a list of words in which there is a spelling error. So, while playing, the child remembers the rules for spelling unstressed vowels, doubled consonants in words and other arthogram. Interestingly, the level of task complexity gradually increases.

A similar application is also for lovers of mathematics. For example, programs that allow you to do calculations on the speed or visually, without mathematical calculations to determine the area of the room. And such apps are very much — in different fields of knowledge. When choosing their parents should focus on what may be more useful to their child.

– Many children love to draw. How to choose the gadget taking into account the child’s Hobbies drawing?

– For lovers of painting, there is a special graphic tablets, with which you can do deistvitelino beautiful high-quality images, due to the high sensitivity and detail of the screen. Not accidentally initially these gadgets prednaznachalisy for photoshop and complex editors. There are graphics tablets that are specifically for children. With the help of them you can not only draw, but also to complement and enliven the drawing templates with funny images. Work on this tablet is very fascinating for children.

– Where better to start introducing children to the robots, robotics? What skills, abilities will help to develop these toys?

– Robotics continues to develop for many years, introducing the world with all more perfect and interesting developments. There are all sorts of robots — both as toys and remote controlled cars, helicopters, tanks. By playing these toys, the child learns to navigate in space and to make decisions. Not less important these toys and emotionally. Not coincidentally adults buy robots not only for their children but for themselves. I myself friends recently gave the helicopter with a remote control. It Dolno exciting, trust me — even for an adult, not to mention children. Sea bright impressions and emotions guaranteed — that’s for sure!

– Today’s parents are concerned that their children do not like to read. E-books will help to instill in kids a love of reading?

– To teach children to read using e-books — is a move backwards. The point is that the e-books on the market today, do not have learning function. Usually these devices are aimed for the General reader who just likes to Tinker with conventional books. Although the use of the e-book significantly easier and more convenient. Besides, it can be read in the dark. However, one e-book can replace a whole library: not every family has the opportunity today to have in my apartment works of different authors. But to have in one device a thousand books — that it’s perfectly safe like possible.

In teaching a child to read will help the tablet with the appropriate app: kid will poke a finger at the letter, and electronic device — tell me how to pronounce this or that letter.

– Tell us about the latest baby gadgets.

– Industry of gadgets is growing so actively that it simply can not keep up. Every year there are various new items — new smartphones and tablets. Many parents are worried about the fact that love children gadgets can become an addiction.

– How to find the “Golden mean” between the interest of the child gadgets and traditional children’s toys?

– Find “middle ground” in this plan is quite difficult. Interest in gadgets will appear in the child in any case. Moreover, the training of the majority of urban children happens within the four walls. There is a child is either the TV or the books that many children find boring, or computer. The only — to control his interests and Hobbies, but not strict gestures. The main thing — to try to communicate more with the children, discussing the most simple, normal things. And when the child will always hear from a tired parent prohibitions and precepts, nor what good it will not. Rigor and guidance in this matter will be most likely ineffective. Dependence on gadgets, according to psychologists, is scary. You just need to give the child time — it goes away. Replacing one passion will come something else.

– Soon the new year holidays. What gadgets could offer as a gift for children?

– Every parent wants their child the best. The choice of gift is very individual, depends on the age and interests of children. If it is about 7-9 years of age, the best option gift — smartphone or tablet.