What are the symptoms of attention deficit in children?
  The modern pace of life leads to a lack of time. Work, household things, it's not possible to give more attention to the child. But what are the consequences…

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Tips psychologist parents of teenagers
  What advice psychologist adolescents are most appropriate? In spring, many people feel a lack of energy, strength and desire to do anything. Are no exception and adolescents. Psychologists give…

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The Education of children in the modern family


In many modern families is about the lack of communication . Dad and mom are constantly busy. Each to his own. A child left to himself. And only when it negatively affects the influence of the street, the parent wonder: Where is it? After all in the family all is well. There is no conflict. Excluded scandals. But there is a cold indifference. There is no interest in the upbringing of children, communicate with them, timely praise. The only thing is education, this is the control over the ate of bad timing, did the lessons. And the child needs to communicate, in conversations with adults . It is important to have shown a sincere interest, had understood him, he wants parents to consider first and foremost friends. And it should be able to.

It is very important to instill confidence in the correctness of their views, in case of an error – tactfully to correct, but in any case not to offend; the coincidence of the views of the child and the adult – be sure to praise.

You can not give the child to feel weak. Produced an inferiority complex, lack of confidence in their strength. It will have on family life. Dangerous and back – the belief in the exclusivity of abilities. While parents help, people cope. Embarked on an independent path, often become helpless: there are no anticipated success, and he possesses extraordinary abilities. About it parents always said. Justify their own incompetence – failure boils down to conflicts with colleagues at work: “do Not recognize. Crushed”. Or negative emotions affect relations in the family: on the job are constrained in the same family accumulated resentment on others results in the tyranny of loved ones.

Some parents in the upbringing of the child using strap – tested method grandfathers, in their opinion, the most reliable. They cause the child a fear of punishment and quickly “solve” the problems with eating, sleep, misconduct. The lack of spiritual contact with the parents, the constant fear of punishment in raising a child to be a cowardly person . In the future, here — meanness, disorderly conduct, escape from family problems.

Aging parents who have expressed resentment that their grown-up sons inattentive to them, I must remember, and they always responded to the needs of the children, their feelings.

Can’t be bad kids from good parents. More precisely, where there is a good relationship between mother and father, adults and children, there is friendship and mutual love.

A great happiness to have a child. but not all can experience this joy. Statistics show that 10% of all households are childless due to existing or previously transferred diseases. Whoever has the opportunity, should make every effort to educate the whole man. Future husbands and wives with child should grow up in the belief that the family — one of the main values of their future. It is worth Recalling that it is always easier to educate than to educate . However, before you undertake the education of the children, some parents might think about self-education, to rethink their own relationship to be eligible to give the recipes of happiness to the children.

Educational computer games for children
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The Love of a child. Whether we are demonstrating?
  This belief is the very consequence of the desire of parents to see that children achieved good results in everything he undertakes. We all want our children enjoy success…