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The Dependence of the child from the computer and video games


In modern time, the computer is firmly entrenched in our lives, and today, to imagine the existence without a computer simply unrealistic. Practically every home has is a device that is used in different ways: for work, for study and for entertainment. But in addition to significantly facilitate our lives, the computer brings a range of problems. Often, the children and the computer are one. Moreover, it can be not only desktop, but also iPad or mobile phone. Teenagers abandoned the game in the fresh air, began to move less and spend more time in front of PC, lead a sedentary life. Company computer characters they are attracted to much more than real friends. These are the games for children on computer and regular communication in social networks leads subsequently to a computer addiction. That is, the virtual world replaces the world of real teenager.

Most computer addiction affects children insecure, closeted experiencing some difficulties in communicating with peers, by nature shy and having low self-esteem. The game allows them to escape reality, fulfill their desires, to feel strong, courageous, armed and experience brand new emotions. In the virtual world can “make yourself” the way you want: change your gender and age, changing your appearance and name, to make a completely different biography.

The situation is compounded by the fact that adolescents spend in front of PC more and more time communicating in the chat and plays. There are some cases that the reality is completely miscible with virtuality. The child simply “lost” and begins in the present life to think and act in new ways, it becomes very aggressive and has a tendency to violence.

Today stats looks scary. Every sixth case is referring the parents to a child psychologist linked to its dependence on computer.

What signs indicate that your child’s addiction to computer games?

According to psychologists it is the following factors:

1. Child shows obvious euphoria and wellbeing is when for PC.

2. The categorical refusal to be distracted from work or play at the computer.

3. If it is forcibly still “ripped” from this lesson, unable to hide his irritation.

4. Not in time to stop. Promising parents that’ll play just one more hour, can sit two, three, and much more. With absolutely no notice as “running” time.

5. To constantly update software and hardware for new games, spent quite a large sum of money.

6. If during the game forgets about everything: about their domestic responsibilities, lessons, etc.

7. To longer sit in front of the computer, neglects their own health, sleep and hygiene.

8. Eating too sitting in front of a monitor.

9. The main topic of conversation – computer subjects. Can talk for hours with anyone who knows even a little about this topic.

Such overreliance on computer can not have a negative impact on physical and mental health of the child.

For example, if a teenager spends hours in front of the monitor, it is blurred vision, is significantly reduced immune system (because the child is almost never on the street), frequent headaches, feel tired all the time and not sleeping well at night.

In addition, long the seat has a heavy load on your spine, and this often has pain in the lower back and is a violation of posture. If the keyboard and mouse is done in an uncomfortable position, it can be another violation – tunnel syndrome.

From a sedentary lifestyle may develop muscle weakness, scoliosis and have autonomic disorders.

What explains such a strong influence on the child’s computer? The fact that all these “shooting games”, “RPG”, “strategy”, etc. allow a teenager to experience the full range of emotions: happiness, delight, joy, fear, frustration and aggression.

If you notice signs of computer addiction in adolescents, in any case not dismiss (“what child would not wants…”). It is a kind of disease, and the disease is quite serious, akin to drug addiction. And in that and in other case – it is an attempt to “disconnect”, to escape from reality and to get a certain “dose” of emotions.

Computer games still have a destructive effect on the psyche of the child, since most of them contain violence and murder.

How parents can protect their child from such dependence?

In any case, do not use drastic measures to hide the keyboard to block the entrance to the computer, etc. It can bring positive effects, but not for long. Some children will secretly go to computer clubs, and make money from home, and some will be attracted to drugs and alcohol because they will need to find a new source of emotions.

Computer addiction in children. The actions of the parents

First of all, try to install with the adolescent trusts. Talk to him calmly, as equals, without reproach and humiliation. Explain the problems. The child should have the desire to change your life. Without his willingness.

Try to explain to the teenager that the computer is a device for learning and gaining knowledge and not emotions.

Not necessary to forbid to play games, but you can pick them up so that they benefit your child and helped to develop his natural abilities. This is logical, educational and developmental toys. Definitely limiting the time because of long sitting in front of the computer seriously deteriorating vision in children.

Develop jointly with the child mode of his day. Think about his household duties. Can together to decide what the punishment, in case of failure to comply with these duties or violation of the regime of the day.

Strictly forbid to use the computer just before bedtime so that the child’s body received a complete rest.

Make the life of a teenager was intense, colorful and interesting. Outside of school, he must have some other interests: sports, music, dance and other workshops. Fortunately, they are now quite. Go often to the theater, museums, exhibitions.

Make sure that your child has had the opportunity to speak. It needs without fear of being punished, to Express their feelings and experiences.

Treatment of computer addiction sports

Praise your teenager for the slightest success, increase self-esteem, give him any reason to feel proud. Often communicate with him, be interested in his Affairs than he lives, feelings and experiences. Teenagers are not always willing to confide with their parents, so try to do it tactfully and unobtrusively. The teenager needs to feel important family member. And then he wouldn’t have to hide behind the veil of the virtual world.

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