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Educational computer games for children


In our lives the advent of the computer has become the norm, and understand how without them ever did. The computer helps us to not only work, but fun, especially for our children. And our men are accustomed to it so much that we begin to ask the question as to wean and what to do in this situation?

But allowing your children to play computer games, every parent thinks, does not traumatize the psyche of this game?

And some parents do feel some doubt whether you can admit your child to this dangerous car, and if so, how to choose a computer game . and what kind of educational computer games for kids it is better to choose?

Do children have a computer?

In considering the question whether the children of the computer . can confidently say that Yes, but only if its correct use. Let the child to use this technique with three years but not more than 15 – 20 minutes.

After six years you can increase this time up to half an hour and allow your child to play twice a day. Otherwise, the baby can perevoplotitsya, get too strong emotions and fatigue.

And the worst thing is that a child who sits for a long time at the computer gets unwanted blurred vision and lack of care.

What computer use?

Whether these games are good? Of course, if done in moderation. And for this it is necessary to study all the games and choose more suitable that can help train your baby.

Sometimes a computer game capable of faster and more efficient to teach a kid to write and read than the parents, who usually don’t have enough time and patience. And besides, you need to understand that computer skills will be very useful in future life, because today almost all jobs that are related to computers. Using a computer to simplify the solution of the question concerning aid to the child at the beginning of the study .

Usually children who possess computer skills, more sociable, outgoing and able to quicker meet you. However, always need to control the types of games, the time spent behind the monitor, the distance from the screen and the posture of the child.

For 3 to 4 year old child, there are many educational games. It is best to pay attention on developing games . But when choosing a game don’t just take the decals, you need to try yourself to play it and understand whether it really interesting and useful to the kid.

Even the most simple educational games contribute to the development of memory, fix colors, names of objects, recognition of sounds, and working with the mouse develops fine motor skills of hands of the child.

The first educational computer games

With Amie first computer game that will certainly be useful to the kid.

Coloring is a game in which the screen displays the selected figure, and beside him paint. The kid should click of the mouse to choose the paint color and then by clicking on the picture element can fill it with this color.

Painters — there is little one can show imagination. Selecting the desired color and shape, and then by conducting successively the mouse on a white screen. So make the most unique images that can even print out and keep as a souvenir.

Puzzles – this game is familiar to all. Only in the computer the picture elements are moved with the mouse.

Game speed – in these games you need to get the mouse cursor on the flashing pictures. For example, to collect a bouquet, you need to have time to click on everything that appears in the meadow, flowers.

There are educational puzzle game . in which you want to select a picture, I’d finish the chain. These games are very develop associative thinking.

There are games and on compilation of pictures of data elements. For example, choose to face the hairstyle, eyes, nose, dressing the man, to furnish a room, etc. There are games and the selection rhyme with the given words.

Among the most popular are the computer games that teach numbers, sounds, letters and foreign languages.

The smallest players must first learn the sounds and then move on to learning letters. For this there are different games. In some, simply press the space bar or the mouse and the screen displays the letter and hear how it is pronounced.

In more complex versions, the screen displays the letter, and the kid should find it on the keyboard and click, only then he will hear the sound and be able to go to the next letter.

Games for learning numbers is also a huge amount, and you need to choose based on the level of development of the baby. You can start with the games that show the digit and its number.

When the child will understand it, you can select the game in which the kid will be able to set the correct digital number. For example, the right to collect the nuts, which will be written the numbers, or to decorate the Christmas tree toys, which would indicate their sequence.

For learning English there are games of different levels, and you should start with learning the names of objects. Fit for this game, where cartoon characters show the items and call them in Russian and in the language that will examine the child.

And after six years can be downloaded into a computer program that will continually improve the level of knowledge of a foreign language.

The idea behind the program is that the child will not be able to perform any action until you answer the question. Every time when performing the next operation, for example, open your favorite game, the computer will ask a question, and the child will have to answer how a particular object is called in a foreign language. And while the baby will not type on the keyboard the correct answer, the program will not allow him to move on.

And recently, the European Parliament had before it the report of the Commission of experts and doctors in virtual reality. The author of this report, the Toyne Manders stated that studies have shown that educational video games do not harm the health of children and promote their physical and intellectual development.

They develop strategic thinking, stimulate memory and develop the child’s creativity. In these studies, collaboration with leading scientists from the Netherlands, Germany and the USA.

From this we can conclude that the child can be allowed to play on the computer, but necessary! The main thing is to normalize the games and use them in the form of training and encouragement for good behavior.

This article is concerned children and computers, if you’re interested, stay on our site. and you can learn a lot of interesting.