The Dependence of the child from the computer and video games
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What are the symptoms of attention deficit in children?
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How to behave with her husband? Alcoholism and alcoholics.


From: heart of Steel country

Hello. Writing first time on this forum, I write out of desperation, like many here, I suppose. Please do not judge strictly.

Her husband of 39 years, I’m 25. We were familiar for a long time, but due to some reasons the relationship was formed in late 2010. I knew he like to eat, even once was the year in 2007 approximately. he was at home me and my MCH and we called the nurse to do a drip to him.

When we started Dating, I have put 3 conditions: 1. control of alcohol 2. to put in order the finances 3. to put in order themselves (belly grew).

He readily agreed, I was led, quite frankly, because of alcoholics near not seen, grandfathers drank, but it somehow didn’t concern me too much, lived separately, and one grandfather died last another 20 years of life did not drink at all. The father drank because had seen his drunken father, at least so he says.

Actually no serious plans on his account I had, he already had problems with the Finance crisis, its bungling (mostly). Began to live together. In January 2011 he took a biopsy. The result – cancer stage 1, a very evil form, obivously for 3-4 weeks. I dropped everything and we went for treatment to a nearby town. The treatment was very severe, complications, droppers twice a day for 2.5 litres, he was dying for real, as I learned later, is so low vitals were. Radiation is passed, then decided radically to do with the tumor, had it removed in April 2011. Surgery, anesthesia, withdrawal symptoms. Came home. He didn’t drink. I don’t know, couldn’t or didn’t want. The idea is probably seriously thought that can move the horses, because to get into the dropper 5 ml Sportage no problem.

And in July 2011 went. There was something for work, drank with one dude and of course he started to thump. Me and treated at first with him was very difficult, I couldn’t understand why I don’t know this man? Then I realized – I haven’t seen him sober in fact. And here began to sour. At least 0.5 and up don’t know how many a day. In the morning the sober party, and again. I don’t remember how did you survive this summer, to be honest.

In early September, went on a business trip to Moscow, he’s got the tower was really frustrated. Were visiting, and of course all the drinking, I waited with dread when the situation gets out of control. She left the room. when he drank the night with people, like to sleep then went, the morning drink about 200g and then he tore the tower for the first time he slapped me in the face.

I came home, I had only one desire – to take a statement from the Registrar’s office and send it with my gear in Fig. Time has passed, seems to have forgiven undersigned.

A lot has become a stable of 0.5 per day at least!. But the worst thing that he became aggressive, and not remembered how I was behaving! When sometimes unbearable, I called her mother in law and she came to save me, at that time got her bruises, he actually jumped on me (by the way, it turned out that I was pregnant 2 months) but she had me covered. Was so broke that it seems to have only have to sober up but also did not think, came to his father, he also can not do anything with it, can not get enough and all -has provoked a scandal and a fight on, no one touches it just went to sleep! Until I got told the parents-in-law take him to hell I fear for Sega and the child, beat, mother-in-law also said that it is afraid, and I called crazy.the gang and the cops. He still to the window “to breathe” torn, who knows will jump or not, were dragged as he could. Took him to a psychiatric hospital, put on treatment. When you receive a written “the suicide attempts?”, i.e., of the Department of neuroses laid before 30 days will not be released. Came to him on the trail. day, the evil dog that attacks us what we came here to pay his longer kept in a mental hospital. But it is not true, I thought me a receipt will be given. the situation is desperate money no job arose, and this still thumps! It took 22 Dec, i.e. it was only on 21 Jan. December 30, I found the levers of pressure on the head. office and he was discharged. It seems. in vain.

Like the deal that 150g a day I will not hinder, took to 0.25. and of course still drank 0,25. Then went off somewhere on business, and had been brought actually. And so not once or twice, then novogrod.vacation, then more guests would priezali at the end of January. rarely a couple of days did not drink. and about January 26, again swelled like a beast last. they brought him home, I took the liquor poured it out, took the keys,documents and closed from inside the door. God, what had begun. he began to knock his feet armored door, threw something out the window in the living room as the glass is not broken do not understand, on the street -35! Began to rush on me, choked, arms and legs bruised, smacked in the face with a bruise on his eyebrow was. I remember just awful can’t roar again sit. I started zvonite-in-law,well done though, and then took my phone and payeth not pregnant I don’t know at what angle to throw, what to do to me will hurt you as a freak and what will I be? mother-in-law arrived, was up half the night cherohala, rushed at her, all garbage was carrying as usual, she gave him phenazepam kind of fell asleep. in the morning on a drip took him again 4500 gave her, even though I said it was money and he only thump better then unmarked actinulae.

Like shut the hell up for 2 weeks, somehow pinned with a can of Cola. but it always comes and vodka, he loves so much. Brought 0,1 bubble, I took it away, removed. Like anything. Yesterday begged me 0.1 vodka, bought 0,25 else said get. removed, of course drank of 0.125. He still manner again became scared at the apartment until 5 a.m., reads, goes to eat, but yesterday I slept around 5 am and I woke and cell at that moment I hear that slams the door of the cupboard in which I tidied up the remains of vodka. Stand up, and of course he’s like a thief puts back the bottle with the remnants of 40 grams. Went to look for that Saraceno me 0.1 to pour water and there a long time, like I didn’t notice he replaced. I’m all poured out, gave him a dressing down, that was funny in 40 years kratsa alcohol as a teenager narcolepsy! But what is most terrible looks like he’s not going to stop their drinking, he likes to thump and all these promises that all will be hockey lies and nothing more. I’m tired of this nightmare every day, waiting will be wasted or not, but if I’m getting drunk will get you killed me or so. only the bruise gets away with it? And of course it’s all my fault, drove him to a state of thieves, all of it bad, and he’s such a cool one. how to deal with it? what to do? where to run. why this shit is in charge of everything else? why is this stinking vodka interferes with life? why is she better than me.

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