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Best cartoons for children


With cartoons all people associated with the most bright, kind and sincere memories that go deep into childhood, a time of carelessness and joy. For young children, probably no worse punishment than to forbid to watch your favorite cartoons, because they carry babies in a world of fantasy, magic and adventure, a world where anything is possible.

Modern animated creations so transformed that periodically make a worthy competition to the cinema, because the background is colorful and realistic images in complete relax, immersed in the world of beauty.

In most cartoons good triumphs over evil, positive heroes always find strength and capabilities that help them to cope with difficulties, and magic wands and magical creatures easily transferred to our imagination far beyond the actual.

But everything is so simple? Should I completely trust the creators of such animated masterpieces and allow their child to sit for hours in front of TV screens and monitors? It turns out that not all cartoons have a positive impact on the development of a young person and some individual instances and is able to undermine the already delicate psyche of a child.

To protect your baby from the harmful effects, you need to select the best cartoons for young children, based on which they can from a simple story to learn, to know the seriousness of moral and spiritual values, to draw conclusions that simply needed for a specific age.

Time should not pass in vain, because even watching your favorite cartoon kid needs to learn and grow.

It is believed that the first cartoon, which was shown to the world is “Phantasmagoria”, which the company Gaumont far in 1908. This cartoon, of course, can not be compared with modern counterparts, primitive light lines on a dark background, which resembled a portrayal of figures with chalk.

Such an instance is unlikely to please your little child, but at the time it was a real coup that turned into the realistic, colorful and inspirational pictures each time animating with cinema and home TVs.

How cartoons affect the minds of kids?

The views of parents on the long and frequent watching cartoons children differ dramatically, some believe that this is a real opportunity to go about their business, knowing that the child “in action”.

Others understand that if you frequently view sight is failing, the child communicates less with their parents and peers, fully immersed in your own made up fantasy world.

Watch the interesting kids cartoon like almost everything that can protect your baby from unwanted scenes, which can bear violent or the other, not pumped, character.

To do this, parents enough initially to get acquainted with the plot of the movie, and then provide it to your child. By the way, that such views really bring joy, you must enter certain permitted hours or days.

Most modern psychologists have come to the conclusion that you should be very careful about what I watch your children, because, unfortunately, not all cartoons are harmless, and the more useful to the mind of a child.

According to statistics, today’s children are more difficult to begin to distinguish the difference between good and evil, they see no advantage from the side of the Goodies, because often in cartoons it is not bravery, kindness and wisdom, and strength, assertiveness, and sometimes even arrogance.

Little children all with great efforts to distinguish the characters, because instead of greyish Bunny on the screen running orange hybrid which too remotely resembles what is called. I would like to note that the pedagogical impact of modern paintings and completely lost its former strength, weak plots and empty history score simply free time of your kid.

How to defend against such?

Of course, it’s not so bad, there are many worthy works, as the last century and the present, which is able not only to entertain, but to teach goodness, justice, to show the importance of friendship and love, to lay the basics of proper behavior and morals.

A perfect example of such works, Soviet cartoons are for children who are in their characteristic manner teach children the ideology, which must grow every worthy man. All Soviet cartoons are extremely diverse, they employed the best artists, actors and musicians, who in their works have created a worthy masterpieces for the ages.

There is always obviously a confrontation between good and evil, which always ends positively, the evil characters are not bloodthirsty, but rather ridiculous and weak. It is in these stories, the heroes learn to make friends, to empathize, not to succumb to evil and betrayal.

All Soviet cartoons are characterized by one common feature: the “show” setting the voice acting, the characters can be deliberately emotional that allows young viewers to easily understand the simple truths that are not always discussed in modern works.

But not so much a modern art, after all, and there are some really high-quality, deep and good cartoons.

Many of them are based on the latest computer technology, images are not drawn by hand, and processed by graphics that, in the end, primitive scenery turns into extraordinary, beautiful castles and landscapes, and the characters are endowed with incredible powers and external qualities.

A list of high quality and interesting cartoons

Of course, it is very difficult amongst a sea of different artworks to choose the best and the most good, but we still decided to create your list of the best cartoons for children. Of course, it is something not included, simply did not fit, and someone, some paintings do not like it, because everyone has their own taste.

And yet, we are presenting a list of 20 cartoons, which will consist of half Soviet, half modern paintings, which, in our opinion, worthy of children’s attention.

“Winnie the Pooh and all all all”

“The kid and Carlson”

“Three from Buttermilk”

“Cheburashka and crocodile Gena”

“The Bremen town musicians”

“Flying ship”


“The Adventures Of Pinocchio”


“Mother for a little mammoth”


“How to train your dragon”

“The little mermaid”

“Ice age”

“Pippi Longstocking”

“The Lion King”

“The little match girl”




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