Children and computer games. Discussion on LiveInternet
Big_Damn_Hero all posts by I was Recently asked to work with a boy of ten, who all his free time spends on computer games. If he deny, maybe a day…

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How to help dad bond with a baby
Somehow in one of the channels has told a shocking fact: the average dad working 12 hours a day, pays to communicate with your child 4 minutes per day. Apparently…

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How the child be accustomed to the order


Surely, every parent, mom, and dad asked yourself the question: how can the child be accustomed to the order? After all, it’s actually not easy, of course nothing happens. You need to set a personal example to their children, even when they are quite small. You must keep your house or flat in constant order, then the child is living in such a comfortable environment, in the future, and even at the moment will stick to purity. After all, how the child will grow, depends on parents. Well, if mom and dad will live in a constant mess, and, accordingly, their child will see it every day, then he himself later on in his future home of the order contain not be. Will try to figure out how to teach a child to order.

The child needs to explain the following rule: need to clean up their toys, litter, and then confusion will not arise.

Very often there are moments when a child, playing in some game and scatter all his toys around the room, refusing to put them back in place. He begins to get annoyed, nervous, growl, cry, and my parents still can’t force him to clean up after themselves, and can sometimes be a conflict and quarrel. In this case, you must act out a fabulous situation. For example, let the baby’s room – it is a planet, and the planet needs to be saved from scattered toys and put them in their place. Will immediately see the result, the child with pleasure and will quickly begin to clean up all the things, and most importantly without tears. Enjoy this approach more often, because it really helps.

The child has periods when he seeks to restore order.

The first time he appears in about two years. Kid tries to show their own independence and it is the time it starts to copy mom. Second time this happens in about four years. The children by this time are trying to equip their territory is beautiful, because in this period they develop their sense of beauty. To 7 or 8 years, when the child goes to school, he begins to grow up, naturally, begin to appear the secrets and mysteries. At this age, all the children try to clean up your stuff yourself.

Need to place things in the nursery so that the child was easy to clean up.

You need to put everything in its place, on shelves. For example, dolls, cars, stuffed animals need to place on open shelves. The child loves to build their favorite toys in a row. But designers, cubes, mosaic, small toys it is best to put in the baskets and boxes that are designed specifically for storing small items. In the store they have a large selection for every taste and color.

Another equally effective method – a compilation of routines.

Only to this method it is necessary to resort to the baby’s age 4 years, so he was aware of what was happening. Making the mode of the day, you paint that the child needs to do during the day, and a must-have item must be “rooms”. Best of all this item to write in the evening to the child during the day to play safely, and at night to clean up the toys. And if the baby suddenly refuses to comply with this paragraph, the parents have to show him the piece of paper, where together they filled all the points. Then the child will have a sense of duty, and he starts to clean up. If the child goes to school and knows how to write, it is necessary that he himself, his hand was filled with all the items.

For children to do cleaning will be better and happier if we all choose a song that will accompany him during the harvest. In no case should the child be threatened: “If he did not clean up – will throw all the toys in the garbage”. It’s not only not help, but still a child you will have to hold a grudge. It is best in this case to sit down and talk. For example, we can say that the toys come to life while he’s asleep and if they Wake up at night not in place, then run away from him. Children believe these words, and begin to clean up in the same moment.

Do not push the child when he tries to help, you need to pay attention to it.

Girl, five years, can be trusted to help wash together with mom, the dishes, the floors, as well as to sculpt cakes. The boy should be allowed to bring home water, a few logs with my dad. We must not forget to praise the child in its first achievements. He will serve as an additional incentive and a desire to achieve more.

Children always believe in miracles and fairy tales, and to communicate with them must not coldly and indifferently. All situations should be beaten in fairy tales. If parents would raise the child and teach everything, and most importantly to trust, without a doubt, such parents will grow up to be hardworking and responsible child. As you know, everything comes from the family: good and unfortunately bad. If parents will give in to the demands, all the desires of the child, then clearly it can become a spoiled, capricious and selfish. In his life he will be very difficult. When the child refuses to comply with your requirements and wishes, you need to sit down and talk. Screams, cries the problem is not resolved.

And when the child grows up, it will be very difficult already to change, because when as a child he did what he wanted (wanted, cleaning up, want not), then in the future he will observe the same standards of conduct. And parents will be ashamed of their child. It is therefore necessary to educate children and find time for it. Since the childhood it is necessary to accustom the child to the order and mode. If he refuses to clean up, help around the house, you just need to sit down together and talk in peace.