How the child be accustomed to the order
  Surely, every parent, mom, and dad asked yourself the question: how can the child be accustomed to the order? After all, it's actually not easy, of course nothing happens.…

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Children with ADHD: tips for parents
  There are three types of this neurological disorder. Most distributed mixed variant: hyperactivity when combined with impaired attention. The most rare case when hyperactivity is manifested in its purest…

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Advice to parents about raising children in school and at home


From the point of view of teachers and psychologists education children — this is one of the most complex psychological, social and pedagogical processes, consisting of a large number of links. On the formation of personality and consciousness of the child is influenced by many factors. Among them, the psychological climate in the family, emotional background, ambient atmosphere, the relationship between parents and many others. It is especially important to mention a personal example. Up to a certain age personal example of parents influence the behavior, habits and values of their children. For anybody not a secret that in children the tendency to imitate has a bright color. Parents often meet with difficulties in parenting related to lack of time and patience, overload at work and transfer some of the negative experiences and emotions on the child. This applies to families with different levels of cultural development and social level. To cause inconvenience to the child and to have a negative impact on the development of his inner world can parents with the highest level of culture and social security, and families with average and low cultural upbringing. The main reason for this is lack of knowledge of child psychology and age peculiarities of a particular age. In the process of upbringing of children must comply with the so-called rule of “Golden mean”. Excessive guardianship of parents, entails the instability of the personality into adulthood. Whereas the complete absence of parental care may lead to cruelty and callousness of the child in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to create in the family a certain emotional background of care and warmth, not to exclude the accumulation of children independent of experience. Especially younger man should learn independently and to evaluate their ability and that of others. This skill is the basis of consciousness and the formation of the inner world. The creation of his family microclimate should not prevent the child to interact with other children and to change accordingly with the characteristics of the age and community in which it grows.

Many scientists are exploring the theme of child psychology and education, suggests that the family of the child is a reasonable model of love and unconditional, capable of patience, compassion and empathy person to person, regardless of his character. A child who receives such resources in childhood, is able to receive and give to her in adult life. Also, knowledge of the cultural, historical and national heritage, as is laid in childhood. This has a positive effect on the rising generation as a whole. And, of course, in the family instilled a sense of inner freedom and freedom of choice, closely associated with a sense of responsibility for their actions and decisions. This is necessary for each individual skill, helps to manage your life and the events occurring in it. However, parents should invest in their blood such universal value, as uvageniem to the spiritual world and the material, as well as to their abilities, skills and experience.

Care for their children, parents can simply love them. But this is not enough! It is necessary that your child was confident and knew that he grows in love and care, regardless of external factors, stress, conflict, and other life difficulties. This confidence creates a healthy mental world of a person and it brings up morality. In addition to the above requirements to the process of education, leading psychologists and educators distinguish this General requirement, as a permanent psychological and emotional contact with the child at any age. Such contact helps to create a family atmosphere of trust, mutual help, care, to form a number of human values and ideals for adult life. Thus, it is necessary to remember that only a fair, objective and honest attitude will give return a positive result and will affect the level of trust children’s souls to their parents.

Parents about the education of children at the school

At school age there are changes not only in society but also in their personal inner world. School is completely different, yet a new living organism in the life of a young student who is subject to temporal, social and psychological changes. At this stage it is important not to lose the integrity of the educational process. Only by means of cooperation and interaction between parents and teachers can achieve a positive result in the process of education and upbringing. Mutual respect and trust teachers to parents and Vice versa, helping to develop and open all the positive abilities of children. The continuity and integrity of this process corrects the possible admitted by parents or teachers of error. Anyway, school has influence on the formation of the pupil, so it is important to pay attention to psychological and emotional changes taking place in the school team. Parents entrusting their children to professional educators, have the opportunity to obtain additional information and laws about education, the children’s communication, the significance of its parent example for developing the child’s personality. It is important to perceive school as an assistant in the education process. She spends serious educational work, establishes contact with the social environment of children, reveals the positive and negative aspects in education and helps to correct them. Parents need to know the situation at school and at home among students and teachers, in order not to impair the integrity of the educational process. Uniform requirements for the child’s upbringing will have a positive impact on the whole process, without violating his personal integrity.

Attentive teachers-professionals always pay attention to problem areas and conflict situations that arise in your student team will help to understand and will give parents advice on Troubleshooting the issue. Teaching staff are responsible for their wards. Establishing a dialogue with the families of their students, the teacher becomes a link in the process of education and formation of children in possession of relevant information and a set of methods, skills, and abilities to the full and successful implementation of education — the educational process.

Summarizing the above, we note that children are our future! So pay attention to that, how is the education in your family. Perhaps something needs to be adjusted? Communicate with your child, his teachers and with each other! Don’t forget that parents and schools have common goals and objectives. Help each other in the steps to achieve them!

Children can't hear what he said: what we say and how it is understood by our children
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A Couple of questions about books on education and psychology of children
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