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The Lack of attention and love: how psychological trauma affects the future of man


Psychological trauma, such as lack of attention, lack of love given to the parents of the child, as well as other problems of a young child in the family are the main causes and roots of future psychological problems. If this person wants to understand the reasons why one or another psychological problem exists in his life, he will have to go back and to remember his difficult childhood.

Few can argue that his childhood was completely cloudless and happy. As a rule, most of us in a small child faced with a lack of attention . pay older, have experienced a lack of love and rejection of the very fact of its existence. All this inevitably contributed to the origin of those or other psychological trauma in children, which later resulted in specific psychological problems.

Man, being born, needs main things – unconditional love and infinite attention. Few people are born into extremely wealthy families. And few whose parents show unconditional love to their children. On the contrary, the prevailing part of the families (judging by the experience of Russia, it is about ninety percent of the total number according to unofficial statistics) – unsuccessful . The problems of a small child in such families are diverse: it can be single-parent families, families with problems of alcoholism, oppressive attitudes towards children, with all kinds of conflict, and faced with the loss of one of the parents due to tragic events or addictions.

The relationship of psychological problems in the present with the negative events of the past man, hidden, usually in childhood period of life, is enormous . For example, absence of love, as manifested in the emergence of the human inferiority complex, insecurity and mistrust; a difficult relationship with parents; financial problems; various phobias . as well as problems in other areas of life. The roots of such problems is psychological . that is, the reasons they were certain limiting beliefs (about themselves, money, capacity), imposed false beliefs, repressed resentment, bitterness, unexpressed emotions as a result of events that occurred in the past.

If a child is born unwanted for various reasons (financial problems, his parents or the presence of conflicts between them), the lack of attention and lack of love . pay him, will be the cause of the origin of specific complexes in the future. A child missing love in childhood . feels out of place, unnecessary. This can be the development of the child’s inferiority complex in the case when the reason of the small amount we pay attention, the child begins to look inward, coming up and finding the flaws of any kind. So we have an inferiority complex in women, the inferiority complex in men if little boys and girls faced in childhood with lack of love or suffered psychological trauma in childhood, painfully wounded their self-esteem and self-acceptance. Subsequently, such a person is not able to love himself first of all as is. Because initially he had not experienced such love from parents. Also the lack of love experienced by a child can affect his relationships with others, personal life and physical health.

Any tragic event or addictions adults, in fact, also lead to the abandonment of children, the indifference of adults to their fate leads to similar consequences.

Disharmony in relations with first the closest people in the child’s life – parents – will be expressed in disharmony of his attitude, already an adult. Can be expressed not only in his future dislike oneself, but also the manifestation of aggression to the world, to other people. Also from the family, the child gets a lot of limiting beliefs about money, love, your abilities, preventing him in future.

If your child had a difficult childhood . then his subconscious mind will retain all thoughts, beliefs, conclusions, attitudes, suppressed resentment and emotional blocks that have occurred as a result of:

any kind of negative event that happened with the child,

all the facts are rude to him, the relationship of adults,

all rude and insulting words thrown at him,

repressed emotions, unexpressed tears, resentment,

specific examples of lack of attention and lack of love experienced by the child.

Any event that happened in the past is stored in the subconscious. Accumulated thus mental material will be stored in the subconscious and will have a huge impact on emotional balance, the character of the future adult, evaluative perception of the reality around him. And problems of a young child, experienced in the family, it is thus stored in the subconscious in the form of mental material, will relentlessly follow him through life, to serve as the basis of its filters of perception of reality.

The good news is that this mental material can be found and processed by means of special tools to help remove the forcefulness of this material. That is because this material has ceased to have such a significant effect on the character, emotions, thoughts. The process of removing the importance of the mental subconscious material is called deprogramming the subconscious .

Of course, it will give excellent results if the person does not cling to experienced in childhood negative, wants the complete and final freedom from their mental trauma of childhood who are ready to change and leave with the glitches of the mind arising from all the negativity, deeply hidden tears and pain of the past. Who wants to stop looking at the world through the eyes of a hurt child, to live past grievances. Who wants to be a free man with all the mental stuff and look around at the world without filters and imposed models.

One of the techniques which has in its Arsenal of effective tools for working with the material of the subconscious, is psychotechnics turbo gopher, which can produce deprogramming the subconscious. This psycho is intended for independent work with “charge” of your thoughts, beliefs, the whole experience, conclusions, emotions associated with the events of a difficult childhood, all the facts of lack of attention and lack of love. The removal of charge from the episodes of the past, stored in the subconscious, mental evaluations and emotional blocks will eliminate the automaticity of the response, remove perceptual filters that hinder to assess the reality as it is without contrived meanings, prejudices and perceived interactions and patterns.

It is working with the sum of all human life mental subconscious material can cope with the psychological traumas of childhood, to make a real breakthrough on the road to freedom and a new, more open perception of reality. Addressing the causes of problems, will help to negate the problems themselves. Complexes, insecurities, money problems and many other problems disappear, as a rule, when it is possible to detect and correctly work through their psychological causes. And thus the trauma received in childhood, cease to define human life in the present. Of course, such a breakthrough will be able to make those who are ready to change, who wants freedom from his past. If this determination is no, then make use of this technique makes no sense.

If You are willing to work hard and want to get full freedom from all that hinders her to learn, willing to part with their mental stuff, then you have to download the book. And you can immediately start working, not shelving.