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Experts say that physical punishment: 1.Teach your child a lesson of violence. 2.They violate the absolute confidence which is needed by every child that he is loved. 3.They contain a…

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The Child is afraid to answer lessons
  Thank you so much "White Elephant". Passed the first 2 stages. Was in raptures. Had some doubts whether to go first if the tool is already given. Say confidently,…

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Development of spatial thinking in children 6 years of age. Class work


Job description: this guidance provides recommendations on the organization of the creative process in class on designing with children 6 years of school of early development, Association “Island”. To develop a complete set of teaching and illustrative material is needed to conduct this lesson. Represented in the development of the material may be of interest to teachers of additional education, teachers, preschool, parents. The lesson runs for 30 minutes.

– develop fine motor skills development.

– to develop arbitrariness.

B) Raising:

Patriotic qualities

– accuracy;

– independence;

– the ability to bring the work to the end.

Equipment classes:

A) for teacher: a compendium of lessons, visual AIDS, presentation of phased work, handouts for the educational games, construction paper, colored paper, glue stick, scissors, a matchbox, a pencil.

B) for children: Coloured cardboard, colored paper, glue stick, scissors, a matchbox, a pencil.

The list of visual AIDS:

1) the image of combat vehicles (tank, plane, ship);

2) the finished product – the aircraft;

3) presentation of a staged performance.

Teacher: please Tell me what holiday it is?

Children: Prospective answer 23 February – defender of the Fatherland day.

Teacher: Correct. Who do we have in this holiday congratulations?

Children: the Expected answer is the former, present and future defenders of the homeland. Grandfather, father, brother, uncle, boys, etc.

Teacher: And from whom we need protecting?

Children: From enemies.

Teacher: exactly. This holiday is also called the Day of the Russian army. Tell me, what are the qualities of a man, so he could protect the homeland?

Children: Prospective answer – strong, brave, courageous, etc.

Teacher: All the qualities you mentioned correctly. The Russian army is equipped with combat vehicles that help protect our Homeland. What war machines do you know?

Children: Prospective answer – tank, ship and plane.

The teacher demonstrates the clarity with the image of combat vehicles (see photo №1,№2,№3) Drew children’s attention to the structure of the aircraft, tank and ship. What geometric shapes like airplane wings, crawler wheels tank, etc.

Teacher: Now we will play a game of “Build it yourself”.

The teacher gives a didactic material for game design out of cardboard.

Teacher: in your hands the envelopes, open them and remove the material. Tell me, what geometric shapes do you see?

Children: Squares, triangles, rectangles, circles.

Teacher: Correct. Your job offer from geometric shapes to assemble a fighting machine.

The kids play. At this time the teacher goes on teaching the class is watching the progress of the game, helps those who are having difficulties.

Teacher: Well Done! You coped with the task. To continue with the same success to design a fighting machine, we need healthy eyes. Let’s get some rest, perform exercises for the eyes.

Children perform eye movements in line with text.

Teacher: Time – to-left, two rights,

Three – up, four — down.

And then look,

To better see the world.

Uskladneni closer, further,

To see soon will be better

Point near their eyes.

Forces will give them lots and lots,

To increase sure!

Look to the left. Look to the right.

Circular movements of eyes: left – up –

– right – down – right – up – left – down.

To raise vsgsdir.

To lower the look down.

Fast blink.

Thanks guys. Our eyes rested, and now it is time to work hard. Real aircraft designers create. And we today to congratulate our defenders will be real designers and do this as a gift.

The teacher demonstrates the finished product-the plane. Draws the children’s attention to the structure of the aircraft.

The teacher demonstrates to the children’s attention on the multimedia screen presentation of phased implementation artefacts. Draws attention to the sequence of stages in order to achieve a good result.

Teacher: 1)before you lies a sheet of cardboard, on the cardboard drawn line (see photo # 4), you should cut with scissors drawn line. Here’s what you get(see photo # 5).

2) Long strip to bend in half and glue it to a matchbox (see photo No. 6, No. 7).

Teacher: You need to try and at the end of class we will hold a contest for the most accurate work.

The teacher stops the presentation at each stage to its practical completion. The teacher, by example, shows each stage of the presentation. Draws attention to the correctness of the implementation phase. Students independently perform the work shown on the slide.

Teacher: the Constructor creates the plane, and the pilot then flies and protects the homeland. Imagine that you are the pilots.

The teacher tells the physical text accompanying minute movements relevant to the text. The children repeat.

Stood up, sat down,

Got up, sat.

In hand,

Up flew.

Sat down, got up,

Sat down, got up

And in place by March.

Continue our work.

Teacher: let’s continue our work.

The teacher demonstrates to the children’s attention on the multimedia screen presentation of phased implementation artefacts. Draws attention to the sequence of stages in order to achieve a good result.

3) 2 wide strips round – this will be the wings (see photo # 8). Sticking to a matchbox(see photo # 9).

4) Do tail – 1 short stripe round(see photo No. 10). priceite horizontally in place of the tail (see photo No. 11). Second strip fold in half and glue vertically to the place of the tail (see photo No. 12, No. 13).

5)Cut the propeller and attach it to a matchbox(see photo No. 14, No. 15). Decorate with stars or flowers(see photo # 16).

During practical work, the teacher goes on teaching the class and helping those who have difficulties.

Teacher: All finished. Put the aircraft on the first Desk. Let’s choose the most accurate work. Who will Express an opinion?

Children analyse work fellows.

Teacher: Good. Anyone who says otherwise?

Other students Express their point of view.

The teacher, after listening to the views of students, concludes, and awards nomination “The neat job”. All the guys clapping.

Teacher: I’m glad you coped with this difficult task. Turned out great work. Them you can give to your fathers. But at home you will be able to do even that and will be a gift for grandparents and brothers. Our lesson is over. Goodbye. Thank you all!

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