Educational computer games for children
  In our lives the advent of the computer has become the norm, and understand how without them ever did. The computer helps us to not only work, but fun,…

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Teach your child to crawl: practical exercise
  Experts agree that crawling – optional, but very desirable stage in a child's development, and it is better if this step is preceded by the walk and lasts 2-3…

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System-vector psychology. Speak low – I can’t hear you. How to reach out to the sound guy.


There is a special beast. Doesn’t bark – bites – in soul to the booth. Quiet alien, evil genius, the black sheep… And his name is the sound guy. Or otherwise – a person with a sound vector. Walks like a zombie Apocalypse: a look inside yourself. The house, which is empty. The owners left and the light is not extinguished. Anybody home?

You telling him about love, about plans for a future together until he’s staring into your computer. Crucified, words choose. He turns around, looks at you like first time at all he saw, and ask: “what did You say?” Leave to eat in the fridge – will forget. Asks to buy something – will not hear. “Didn’t you say? I have not heard!” How to communicate with this?

No wonder his mom complained that he since the childhood like this – “not like everyone else”. Other children will get to eat – run with glowing eyes. And this OREM-OREM – netherese. Fit get up close and in my ear shout: “Misha, dinner’s ready!” And then, the bastard pretends not to hear. As if specially bring to a white heat. In school the teachers complain: sits on the lessons of catching crows, ask for something – as if from heaven falls to the ground. “Huh? Who? I? What?” You do what galaxy you’re in, Misha?

Share emotions with him. Supposedly, Lenka-we getting married, and Irina new boyfriend, — requests to be quiet. And such a grief to read on his face, in his eyes, though his week was roasting on the fires of the Holy Inquisition and undercooked. What kind of person is this that cannot even experiences to share?

Itself is silent – inspires others to be silent. And sitting in the morgue only hear half dead fly hopelessly beating on the window: tink-tink-tink. Seen and it made her sad in a society of this brilliant undecideds.

But if you look at his blog on the Internet… just look at the sheets of the text unfolding there. All about the meaning of life, but about the mysteries of the universe. Sitting, scribbling… If so many writes, maybe not so much lack of communication? But why he doesn’t want me to say? Why doesn’t want me to hear? Than I bad? When he finally on I will pay attention?

The sound guy – beast special. His erogenous ear: very sensitive. Such can hear a mouse sneeze, but as the floorboard creaked from the neighbors two floors below. The false note in the orchestra you hear, but you with their endless requests may not hear. Especially if you loudly proclaim their desires for the whole house. Your shrill voice hurt the sound in the ear: stop it, stop it, yelling into the ears of the sound guy, no hassle endless conversations With the aliens… and the need to speak in inoplanetyansky, if you want the communication took place, make yourself heard and understood. Otherwise – no way.

Especially if mom and dad in childhood tried: to yell enough, yelled in his ear, destroyed slim neural connections responsible for learning, has grown from a son or daughter of partial autism is selectively related to external relations. To such to shout the hardest. In the loudspeaker peep – silence will be your answer.

People with a sound vector tries to avoid anything that hurt his ears. He sunk into himself. Both the outer and inner worlds from the sound guy inside. After all and the purpose of nature is to understand the inner world, the metaphysical, to understand myself. If the thunder and the DIN, the owner of the audio vector are unable to focus on the external world, cannot learn, and goes in where neither noise nor anything else will disturb. And if you’re there to chirp annoyingly over the ear, as the same half-dead fly, the only desire that you call the sound guy is to shy away from you, to hide deeper, so as not to interfere.

Pointless conversations so all act on the nervous system. What would they want with your gossip, who pushed you in the queue for the sausage, if there are things more important than this? The meaning is what drives the owner of the sound vector. He looks for it in everything.

The sound guy doesn’t like to talk more and more silent. Its elements – the written word. It is easier to write than to say. So don’t be lazy, look to his blog. He writes about? What ails him? Clearly not the same, who decided to marry Lena. All this earth and is unimportant.

Want to chat with the sound guy? Communicate by his rules: write him in Skype, write it in a blog, get your own blog, eventually. Don’t yell, don’t bother talking: speak quietly, in a whisper. Protect those precious ears!

There is nothing more beautiful than silence for the man with a sound vector. If he worked the whole day, give him what he waited so long: silence. No need to rush and tell how the day went, as soon as the sound guy will cross the threshold of the house. Just be silent and you will make your alien great favor and give great pleasure. Silence is not just a necessary condition for the development of abstract thinking sound man, but also an incentive to get out of the shells, to stop locking up. How many lies in this cherished silence!

The Children after the divorce of his parents: help in fitting
  To­GDSs de­ti­time after­in­ro­di­te­lei per­ne­La­tion of ml­but­th of them: “I Ho­Chu live with the PA­sing/mA­mine!" or: “I Nena­VI­those Ju­BOJ, you PLO­Hoi/PLO­Haya" ka­for­elk – VPO­PY races­Fe­and­tain­ments. But at the sa­IOM de­Le…

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Rules of behavior on the Playground: what to do if greedy child
As I wrote in a previous column, we have, finally, come warm days, and this means that the concentration of children on playgrounds has increased dramatically at times. Moved outside…