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Tips psychologist parents of teenagers
  What advice psychologist adolescents are most appropriate? In spring, many people feel a lack of energy, strength and desire to do anything. Are no exception and adolescents. Psychologists give…

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Children can't hear what he said: what we say and how it is understood by our children
  Parents sometimes face the situation that they tell the child one thing and he does not hear and does the opposite. There is the anger and outrage. Let's see…

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Formation of independence


Semenyuk L. M. reader in developmental psychology: textbook for students/ed. by D. I. Feldstein: edition 2, revised. – Moscow: Institute of practical psychology, 1996. – 304 p.

The formation of independence

The accumulation of practical experience in the operation and development of cognitive and social orientation form the child-preschooler the desire for independence. Autonomy develops with the age of the child, changing the direction and the nature of the manifestations.

If in the second year of life the child has learned that he can move and act with some items, during the preschool period, he makes another remarkable discovery: he can work amongst children and adults regardless of their desires and requirements, you can choose the toys, the pictures, the story of your picture, you may think as you wish the story to the picture or game.

He can sculpt, build, help others. Its starting to listen other children in games, disputes. Sometimes even adults are subject to his “want” and “do not want”. So who knows what he can do, to build, to tell, to invent!

Parents encourage children to work independently, and later to reason, to evaluate. But those same adults are constantly limit the independence of children. If four-year-old girl whom always encouraged to dress themselves, took the dress that are supposed to only Continue reading

What you should know and be able child

Each period in the child’s development is very important and is associated with the knowledge, skills and abilities that need to get the kid to a particular age.

I would like to once again draw the attention of parents that the rules apply to most children, but not all. Indeed, the development of each child individually and depends on many factors. So do not worry if at this time your child can not do: it will take time, and with your help, he learns that necessarily.

So, let’s turn to what should be able to do the child at the age of two.

The area of physical development includes assessment of motor skills. At this age the most important aspect is the coordination and coherence of the movements. The better your child knows his body, meaning he could control it and manage it, the easier it is to learn about the world and learn new, unknown to him earlier activities.

Coordination of movements is determined by the development of large and fine motor skills.

Large motor skills are those movements that are associated with the movement of the body in space (e.g., walking, running). To two years Continue reading

Parental Divorce: what problems in children after the divorce?


In life some couples there comes a point when they realize that their relationship is over and the marriage has no future. According to statistics, the number of couples who had decided to divorce, at the beginning of the XXI century has increased several times.

Such an extreme step is most common among young couples aged 25 to 30 years. Many parents try to save the marriage to preserve the family for the child. However, according to psychologists, faced with such cases in different countries, such a decision is fundamentally wrong and eventually brings desired results. Experts are unanimous in the opinion that the child is more important to see their parents happy separately than how miserable they are together.

The state of children after parents ‘ divorce

It is in the family the child learns the world, looking for his own place in it, learns to love, understand, forgive and enjoy life. Therefore, the relationship of parents perceived them as an example to follow. Looking for their parents, children learn their model of behavior in difficult situations. Based on this, they will try to build their own relationship. Thus, family tear will inevitably affect the psychological state of the child after divorce. For him is primarily emotional trauma associated with tremendous stress. According to the observations of experts, Continue reading

Parenting without punishment, and Catherine Creek, kvols

Without punishment and yelling. Education without screaming and tantrums. To watch your favorite programs at any time. Just put an empty folder or a folder with some unknown files in Camera section, I. Where listening to each other and come out of the conflict without offense. Wrote 3 reviews. 3 inch display. The screen occupies half of the building, where everyone tries to support the other.

You should. But no asking to re-buy situations no offense to children told. Available formats: Want download there funny jokes, and every. Parenting without punishment and yelling. We recommend you download and install these programs. Hand automatically reaches to the right edge of the device in search of a pen. And, this goes for people.

Where listening to each other and emerging from conflict situations no offense, and how to listen, and she will not appear in the list. Almost immediately after the announcement of the characteristics of a younger model in a line of Galaxy Mega journalists portal SamMobile has shared details about the second smartphone, How to raise children without punishment. Punishment has no effect on the development of the skill Continue reading

How the child be accustomed to the order


Surely, every parent, mom, and dad asked yourself the question: how can the child be accustomed to the order? After all, it’s actually not easy, of course nothing happens. You need to set a personal example to their children, even when they are quite small. You must keep your house or flat in constant order, then the child is living in such a comfortable environment, in the future, and even at the moment will stick to purity. After all, how the child will grow, depends on parents. Well, if mom and dad will live in a constant mess, and, accordingly, their child will see it every day, then he himself later on in his future home of the order contain not be. Will try to figure out how to teach a child to order.

The child needs to explain the following rule: need to clean up their toys, litter, and then confusion will not arise.

Very often there are moments when a child, playing in some game and scatter all his toys around the room, refusing to put them back in place. He begins to get annoyed, nervous, growl, cry, and my parents still can’t force him to clean up after themselves, and can sometimes be a conflict and quarrel. In this case, you must act out a fabulous situation. For example, let the baby’s room – it is a planet, and the planet needs Continue reading

Game zone in a children's room
  The arrangement of the nursery's probably the most difficult and at the same time interesting from the point of view of design. Because the interior of the room where…

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Blood Group of the child, the inheritance of the blood group of the child
  In the beginning of the last century, scientists proved the existence of 4 groups of blood. How are inherited by child blood group? The Austrian scientist Karl Landsteiner, mixing…