Lovely children in the world

Child curses his! How to react?
  Mastering wealth of the native language, the small talker knows no taboos — he experiments with sounds, change the order of words in a sentence, invents his own expression.…

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Parenting without punishment, and Catherine Creek, kvols
Without punishment and yelling. Education without screaming and tantrums. To watch your favorite programs at any time. Just put an empty folder or a folder with some unknown files in…

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What are the symptoms of attention deficit in children?


The modern pace of life leads to a lack of time. Work, household things, it’s not possible to give more attention to the child. But what are the consequences of this lack of attention?

In this question helped us to understand the expert-psychologist Inga Voitko :

The connection between mother and child has been the subject of close study by psychologists of the psychoanalytic direction, which made a major contribution to the study of infancy (R. Spokes, J. Dunn, J. Bowlby, M. Ellsworth, etc.). The vital importance of this relationship became evident during the second world war, when many children from infant age were separated from their mothers and placed in various orphanages and children’s homes.

Despite normal food and good medical care that was provided in these institutions, children in them would get sick of some strange disease. They lost appetite, cheerfulness, stopped moving, their usual occupation was thumb sucking or manipulation of the genitals. In this case, the child’s view was senselessly staring at one point, and the body swayed rhythmically. Life was slowly fading away, and often these children died before reaching one year.

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From a boy to raise a man who doesn’t cry?


Women can often hear the regret that today’s boys lack male parenting, and as a result lack of male parenting men do not manifest themselves in a masculine way. This is a huge however, only are we ready for such education, including whether women themselves to make difficult the norms of male parenting, education like men? Belief “Men don’t cry” – a compulsory part of male parenting. I think this is a good believe that it should be applied with discernment and intelligence.

Itself to cry – is not ashamed and not harmful. Good to cry from joy, to cry at the funeral, where appropriate and customary. But in other situations where children and women can cry, men do not. Men don’t cry, because for them it is usually pointless, and to be boys, we have a strong and reasonable people.

This is not all know, but for men the cry – meaningless. For women it’s different: if the woman mount, and she cried, she usually becomes easier, woman crying helps to cope with emotional pain. While the men have all wrong, their grief and their pain are not crying eases, no.

Women believe it is difficult, but it is so – from the tears of men does not help. If a man against his tears, they cause him protest and additional internal stress. If a man has nothing against men crying, Continue reading

MOM, I’m SCARED! When your child drives you crazy


I was standing near the escalator and suddenly noticed a young mother who tried to force her daughter to stand on a moving stage. The child, who looked about four years, lagged behind, clinging to the railing and cried: “No, no, mom, I’m scared!” The mother, whose hands were full of parcels, continued to pull the child “don’t be such a baby, and she said to her – I’m embarrassed for you. There is nothing terrible”.

At this point, tall silver-haired man, who was waiting to get on the escalator, leaned over to the little girl and said, “You know what it is? This is the ladder for young rabbits. At night when the store is closed, they jump on the stairs. It’s their favorite game. But during the day the rabbits are scared of people and hide, allowing boys and girls to go through their steps to night”. The girl looked at him. Then with a serious expression trustingly took his hand and together they went up the escalator.

“wonderful”, I thought to myself. Must this man has children and grandchildren, since he knows so well to distract the child. But something about this situation forced me to return again and again to her. Everything was so cute and yet something was wrong.

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Divorce and children – the impact of divorce on children, how to help children coping with divorce


Teenagers are a special people, a special nation. They have their own interests and Hobbies, sometimes even their language, others were confusing. It would seem that the interests of a teenager? The festivities late, friends, clubs, loud parties… And parents always think that their nestlings had already fledged and really took off from the family nest into adulthood…

However, whatever the adults did not seem to your kids – they are still in great need of his family. If in the life of a teenager something is impossible, he is unlikely to go for advice to the parent (rebellious spirit!), but this does not mean that he does not want to do it! Invisible thin and ghostly thread linked each child has his home, with family. With mom and dad. With mom and dad. He has in life has its own problems: lack of implementation, unrequited love, first bitter encounter with betrayal. They can not be avoided. From them the child is in hiding at home, in a cozy family fortress, where all such family where mom loves dad and dad loves mom.

Most often, the divorce, the children also perceive it as a betrayal of those closest to you.

Children with divorced parents

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Children mirror their parents


About material expectations from marriage, early marriage, life for children and games during Services, says Archpriest Oleg Melnychuk.

As the hierarchy of the classical Patriarchal Church family wife, husband, children, God and love?

— Full-fledged family — that is from a Christian point of view?

Is Patriarchal model: husband, wife, children, over which God.

— What role does love play? This fastening means or way of constructing the hierarchy?

Is this: there is no love, no family. The love between husband and wife, love between children, love between parents and children, love between family and God. If there is no love in the family, there is no God. So it’s not family, it’s just a community of people.

— Children often reproach that parents do not go for them, but love is long gone. Does it make sense to continue such a family for the kids?

— To live for the sake of the children — the question wrong. The family is by definition a husband and a wife and then children. The wife should live with her husband, the husband’s family. Seeing the standard of the Union, the children try and build their relationships as they show mom and dad. The described situation cannot be allowed Continue reading

Children mirror their parents
  About material expectations from marriage, early marriage, life for children and games during Services, says Archpriest Oleg Melnychuk. As the hierarchy of the classical Patriarchal Church family wife, husband,…

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Development of spatial thinking in children 6 years of age. Class work
  Job description: this guidance provides recommendations on the organization of the creative process in class on designing with children 6 years of school of early development, Association "Island". To…